Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thermofax Screen Printing Essentials Blog Hop & Giveaway!

Lynn Krawczyk has recently published a new workshop on DVD.  I LOVE Thermofax screens and use them whenever I can.  I was excited when Lynn invited me to review her new DVD class.
While I don't feel that Thermofax printing is that intimidating, I know it can be for others and I think that Lynn's DVD takes ALL the intimidation of this process.  She walks you through everything from choosing a good image, to how a screen is made, and how to create lots of lovely prints.  I especially liked her advice on how to line up the screen to create a two color print.  She also shows several fun projects to make.  I especially liked her birds printed on ATC's.  It gave me an idea for a project my daughter needed some help with.

My oldest daughter came home from DC for a brief visit and asked me to help her friend, who was recently baptized, bind some letters from the people at church.  Because of the small margin on the letters, and the thickness of each letter, my first thought was to take them to the print shop and have them spiral bound, however first we needed some covers.  I took some 140 lb mixed media paper and created a few Gelli® Prints.
I found out that his favorite color is green and so I proceeded to add some thermofax screening to the green prints I made.
 This is a screen I had made of a bridge blue print I found online in a free image website.
 I really liked how the image looked under the city.
On another of the Gelli® Prints I screened a few dragonflies.  I wish I had made them green or perhaps white instead of black, but oh well, I think I like the page anyway.  The circles make me think of little moons or lights.  I have been a little obsessed with Moon's lately.
 And lastly I screen a Gelli® print with a word cloud I created for some Prayer Flags.
 I made the mistake of using a wet foam brush on the first pass and so the paint smudged. 
 I took care of this by lightly going over the words in black.  This page ended up being his favorite and therefore became the front of the book. 
To make the front and back pages a little stronger I Mistyfused the printed pages to another piece of Mixed Media paper.  Once these were fused I took them to the copy shop where they worked their magic, giving my daughter's friend a priceless memory!

I hope you are feeling inspired to do some thermofax printing of your own because Lynn is generously donating TWO thermofax screens to one of my readers!  Simply leave a comment on this post by midnight (MST) August 25th and you are entered!  

Be sure to visit the other bloggers in the blog hop for more chances to win fun prizes.  Lynn will also be giving away a few copies of her DVD on Sunday!  But if you can't wait that long, you can purchase a download of the class by clicking here.

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Friday, August 14, 2015

Mandala Doodle

I signed up for an online mini-class from Alisa Burke called Mandala Magic.  I've had a lot of fun going through her videos and learning more about how she creates her Mandalas.  Here is the first one I created:
After I drew the mandala I began seeing the dots as eyes and the little critters remind me of an anime character from My Neighbor Totoro.

For my second mandala I decided to draw it over the paint I rolled in my sketchbook while cleaning off my brayer during a Gelli® printing session.  I took photos along the way so I could share the process.  I'll let the photos tell the story:

The finished mandala:
And a little close up:

I believe I will be creating more in the future!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Springville Trunk Show

The Springville Museum of Art has hosted a Utah quilt show for 42 years now.  The show is always filled with beautiful pieces.  My friend, Anne Munoz, won a ribbon for her beautiful piece.
 This is Anne's other entry into the show.
 I love this quilt made by Ruth Ewers.  Ruth is a wonderful quilter and always so generous with her knowledge.  She has taught me a lot.

 Nan Sturgell's beautiful quilt took a ribbon as well.  Nan's quilting is always perfect in my eyes, and obviously the judges agree!
My friend, Sylvia Lewis, pictured here with her two quilts, has been a wonderful mentor for me.  She has pushed me to do things I wouldn't have thought about doing otherwise.
This is my Moonlight piece made from Gelli® printed pieces of fabric.
I was invited to present a trunk show at the museum this year.
The crowds are always large.   They had to bring in a few more rows of chairs before we got started.
My trunk show is always about my journey from traditional quilting to art quilting.
I've given away most of my bed quilts, I don't even have one on my own bed.  Something I will have to take care of someday.  This little wall handing was made for my oldest daughter and has a coordinating bedspread. It is machine pieced but hand quilted with very large stitches.
 I have a number of UFO's in my collection as once I've learned a technique I often get bored and need to move on to something else.  This quilt was from a block of the month club and the theme was The Underground Railroad quilts.
 I showed many other quilts but only have photos of a few.
This piece was created for an exhibit that was about The End of the World.  It is an ice dyed piece of fabric that I quilted.  I felt that it represented my view of the world in chaos at the end of the world and then the Savior's light saving us all in the end.

As soon as I finished my presentation I drove off to my daughter's closing night in Annie Get Your Gun, followed by the family leaving the next morning to Cedar City, a 3 1/2 hour drive away.  My husband had a meeting there and it was a great excuse to complete some errands at my daughter's new college as well as see a Shakespeare play and Broadway musical!
I'm exhausted!  But there is still much to do!

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Printed Fabric Bee - Insects

Since this month's theme for The Printed Fabric Bee was Insects, I thought I should start the piece with lots of leaves and a little sun painting using Setacolor paints.  I placed plastic over the leaves as it was a windy day and everything inside cooked very nicely.
After creating a stencil or adorable lady bugs with my Silhouette, I painted them using black Setacolor transparent paint.
And lastly I used a Zig Fabricator Pen to add little white dots to all of the black lady bugs.  I don't know if there are really any ladybugs that look like this but I just enjoyed making them!
There are a lot of beautiful Insects in this months collection:
If you would like to win a collection of the twelve 6x6" pieces then leave a comment at either of the following blogs:

Thanks for following along!  
There will be an exciting announcement about The Printed Fabric Bee in the next couple of months, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Printing Fabric with a Gelli® Plate

Have I mentioned that I have a Webinar on Craft University coming up next week?
I'll be sharing what I know about making prints using a Gelli® Plate.
I'll give advice on the tools and paints I enjoy most.
I will show you how I created the fabrics in my Moonlight quilt:
As well as how I created fabrics like this one:
I hope you will join me next Wednesday, June 29th at 1 p.m. EST.  IF you can't join us then you can download the class and listen later!  You can sign up for class here.