Monday, June 29, 2015

Falling off the Earth

I thought that once the Reclamation show was set up and off my plate I would be able to take a little time to catch up on blogging, however that doesn't seem to have been the case! If you only follow my blog you might think I have fallen off the earth.  But no, I am still here, working away.
I have been working on getting things together for our guild's dye party in a couple of weeks, as well as putting together a Webinar titled:
The webinar will take place on July 29th.
Then of course there is the job of getting the teens here and there with one planning on moving out within the next couple of weeks.  When you are the parent of toddlers you always think they are going to be easier as teenagers when they can do things for themselves.  That is both true and false.
Anyway. . .
On Saturday, as I was driving my daughter home from work, we came across a yard sale that was closing up.  My daughter found lots of treasures: tea cups, candles, bar stools, a table and chairs all for free.  She was thrilled.  I wasn't going to get out of the van but changed my mind and am very thankful I did as I came across this box of TWENTY TWO 12"x12" stretcher bars.
They were marked $1 each, but the woman did not want anything to do with them anymore, she was DONE.  So she generously gave them all to me!  I now see a series of twenty two 12x12 pieces of art. Specifically 22 art quilts stretched across the bars once complete.
10x10 Challenge as part of USDG's Reclamation show.

This morning the cats woke me up at 4 a.m. because they were hungry.  The hubby usually gets up at that hour and feeds them before he heads to the gym.  I ignored the cats and waited for hubby to get up and feed the babies. As I lay there I remembered something I neglected to do last night, which required an email so I got up and took care of it.  Laying back in bed I started thinking about the lovely stretcher frames I had been given.  What kind of series should I create?  Should each piece be similar?  Should I piece them? Should I fuse them? Should I do a combination? Should I create a triptych? Or something larger?  Oh so many possibilities!  

Feel free to chime in!
What would you do?

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Setting Up Reclamation

One of the projects I have been working on is co-curating an exhibit for the Utah Surface Design Group called: Reclamation.

I had no idea how much work goes in to curating an exhibit when I accepted the assignment!  My co-curator, Anne Munoz, and I are very grateful to everyone who has made the job easier, especially everyone at Art Access.  They have been a wonderful gallery to work with! Yesterday I spent a couple of hours with the gallery executive director, Sheryl Gillilan, and Anne Munoz, getting most of the exhibit hung.  Here is a before photo of the back gallery wall (there is another room behind it which will have some lovely art from another artist).
 I also took a panoramic before shot.  In this shot I am standing up against the back wall (pictured above) near the post on the wall.  The photo makes the gallery look enormous!
 We always do a group exhibit at our USDG shows.  This years group exhibit are pieces that are between 3 and 6 inches wide and 6 to 9 feet long.  Sheryl got a good work out going up and down the ladder as we moved ladder to hang the group exhibit.  We placed the pieces in front of the air conditioner to give the pieces some movement.
Here is just a very small peek at the show.
We have 26 artists participating and over 46 pieces of artwork on display.  I hope you can join us for the opening or sometime during the three weeks the show is on display.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Handi Quilter

I attended a SAQA meeting the other night which was held at the Handi Quilter offices in North Salt Lake.  I never realized just how many quilts were hanging at Handi Quilter.  It is a wonderful quilt gallery - traditional, modern and art!  Here is a little tour in case you can't go up and see the offices for yourself (they do welcome visitors!).
This is a part of the warehouse floor where all the machines are made and tested.
 The second floor of the building is filled with classrooms, a kitchen, meeting areas and such.  There is a room where videos are made.  Handi Quilter sponsors "Quilt it! The Longarm Quilting Show" and it is filmed in this room.
 This is the classroom.  Lots of lovely long arm machines!
 As well as a nice area for sitting, learning and watching presentations.
There are a lot of quilts hung upstairs but as usual, I got so caught up in looking at them that I forgot to take photos!  I did get a photo of Kaye Evans, and Brenda Groelz with a quilt that Kaye made and Handi Quilter purchased.
As I walked around I felt like I was running in to old friends with a number of quilts.
Marie Eldridge is a Handi Quilter educator and a member of Quilters Holladay, which I belong to.  Marie's quilting is divine!
I came around a corner and ran into Sue Bleiweiss.
Unfortunately the sun was shining brightly in the office behind Sue's piece so I caught a nasty flare. It's too bad that flare wasn't up by the sun in the quilt. :D
Around another corner I ran into Kathy York

Frieda Anderson and Desiree Habicht reside over Brenda's desk.
The quilts I was very excited to see were those from the Quilt Alliance: Animals We Love exhibit.  I didn't realize the very first showing of these quilts would be in my own backyard! The show was just hung the day I visited.
I've been looking at these darling quilts online as people have posted their finished pieces and so it was very nice to see them in person.  I hope to go back and examine them closer before they leave!  I managed to get a couple of close ups:
 Lisa B. Fillion, aka UpstateLisa, "Olive, Olive you <3 p="">
SO Adorable!

 Jamie Fingal, Girlasaurus
Victoria Findlay Wolfe, Man's Best Friend.
If you are in the area, make the trip up to Handi Quilter in North Salt Lake to see these lovely quilts.
The meeting I had at Handi Quilter was to organize the first SAQA group in Utah.  We have a handful of members here in Utah and hope to organize a group of like minded art quilters to meet on a regular basis.  If you are interested please email me!
(L to R) Kaye Evans, Lisa Chin, Anne Datko, Margaret Abramshe, and Brenda Groelz.  Suzanne Hyland left before we took the photo.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Anne Munoz

My friend and mentor, Anne Munoz, recently had a show at Finch Lane Gallery.
Anne is a batik artist and is the one who taught me how to dye and batik fabrics.  I absolutely love her work.  She is a wonderful person and I love getting to work with her in the USDG.
The pieces in this exhibit were inspired by the photo safari she and her husband took to Africa.  Each piece is a batik that she has then machine quilted, and some are also enhanced with beautiful hand stitching.  Here are a few photos of her work in the show:

Monday, June 1, 2015

Marks with Found Objects

What a challenge this month's Printed Fabric Bee was!  Queen Bee Leslie Jenison asked for Marks with Found Objects in neutrals with a pop of color.  Neutrals are always a challenge for me.  I work mostly in brights!  What was I to do?!?!?  I decided to mix a little Setacolor paint together and make a brown sun print for the background. Brown is a neutral, right?

How was I to make marks with found objects in a sun print?  That part turned out to be quite simple.  I grabbed leaves, grasses and whatever objects I found on the ground  . . .

. . .and put them on top of the watered down wet paint, and then left it all in the sun until it dried.

I love leaving crinkles when I make sun prints.  
They look beautiful!

Next came adding more marks with pops of color.   I used my Gelli® plate as a paint palette by rolling out some orange Setacolor . . .
. . . and then laying down a piece of window screen on the plate.  I rolled a dry brayer across the screen so it picked up the paint. . .
. . .and laid it onto the fabric to make random prints.
Next, I bunched up a piece of netting from a turkey bag and stamped marks.
I like how these look like bits of grass.
Lastly, using the Gelli® plate as a paint palette again, I dipped a pinecone into the paint and stamped away.  I thought the color I printed the pinecones in was too bright so I printed over the top of them with white and I really like how that turned out.
Here is the full 8x18" piece

This piece has been ironed, so all the "wrinkles" you see are from the sun printing.

I also made an extra piece - it is more a 9x9" than a 6x6" - for the giveaway.  If you would like to enter for a chance to win my piece as well as hand printed pieces from the rest of the Hive, please leave a comment on our Facebook page at:

You can also visit the other members of the Hive to see how they created their pieces:

Thanks for stopping by!