Friday, April 17, 2015

Monoprinting in Heber

Last Saturday was Monoprinting day at my friend, Timmy's studio in Heber.  I rode up with another friend, DeAnna, who needed to make a stop at the hardware store on the way up.  We spent a lot of time looking at all the gadgets and gizmos and figuring out what might make lovely marks in our mono printing. Looking at mark making items is almost as much fun as the making!
 Before we got started printing, Polly (far left) showed us a couple of pieces she is working on which she created using monoprinted fabrics and lots of lovely hand stitching. She was hoping to include these pieces at her show that starts today (Friday, April 17th) at the Charley Hafen Jewelers Gallery.

 Timmy has many lovely collections at her studio in Heber.  She recently had rods installed so that she could display all of her beautiful handmade purses.  She has made a few but most of them have been purchased from artists around the world.

 This beautiful Shibori robe is a new display as well.  
The amount of tying that went into this piece is incredible!
 Timmy showed us a few of her monoprinted pieces during our lunch break.
 She had them all pinned in to a sketchbook, with cut out frames around each.
It was a very clever idea.
 I spent the morning working on my fabric for The Printed Fabric Bee, which I will reveal on May 1st.  The rest of the day was spent creating 5 large monoprinted pieces using Timmy's 12"x14" Gelli Plate.  I found a few fun items to try out on the plate when we made a stop to the dollar store after the hardware store.  The cardboard hands were inserts from some gloves my daughter ordered for a cosplay.

I had a great time creating!  I wasn't feeling the hand/glove piece very much.  I thought it was just okay.  Maybe it needs more layers still, so I put the hands aside and moved on to using texture from the bubble wrap, pool noodles and stencils.  I've decided not to share the pieces yet as I want to use them in a quilt and enter it into a show that doesn't allow photographs before hand.  It was overall a wonderful and exhausting day!
What have you been up to lately?

Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Challenge

Last week was a beautiful spring break at our house.  
The weather was fabulous but . . . Two words: stomach flu.  
Do I need to say that we didn't get much crossed off the to-do list???
I was able to get some cleaning and a little sewing done. 
Mister supervised the cleaning of the studio of course.
My daughter decided the Bird Wings needed a home until we find the perfect backpack.
They make an interesting bra don't they!
I started this project when I was at Pie Plates Retreat.
I really like where it is going.

I need to dye more of the turquoise leaf fabric because I would like this piece to be much bigger.  I created the fabric using a foam stamp with Color Magnet and diluted turquoise procian dye.  The purple is left over from my Printed Fabric Bee Science piece.  I just love these colors together.  When I started the project, my friend, Sylvia, threw a piece of plain peach fabric at me and challenged me to put it in.  I argued with her about it.  
"I only want the solid white as an accent! The peach will be ugly!!!"  
"Just try it!" She said.
It's hard to argue with her.  She's more stubborn than I am. 
I am now ashamed to say that I love the peach! 
I might have to buy more.
Sometimes it good to get a push in the right direction.
Do you like challenges?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mola! and a Giveaway

Julie Booth's theme for The Printed Fabric Bee was Mola.
Perhaps you have seen the beautiful Mola's 
created by masterful Kuna women in Panama?  
Beautiful bright colors and striking designs in reverse appliqué.
It certainly was a challenging theme to translate into paint and dye.  After studying many variations on Mola's I decided I wanted to use a bee - perhaps for obvious reasons - as the focus.  I created two stencils using my Silhouette portrait.  The first stencil was for the background (green) and the second was the bee (red). 
I started with a piece of hand dyed fabric in a very pale yellow.  Next I taped the background stencil to a silk screen and screened several colors at the same time.  
The bees were stenciled on last in black with the second stencil.
I'm a little disapointed that my bees don't look very friendly.
This is the finished piece for Julie:
Here is the giveaway piece, which ended up a few inches larger than the normal 6x6".
I had a great time making this month's piece.  It is something different for me.  There aren't layers on top of other layers.  I continued playing with this idea when Jackie Lams told me she had been having a rough month and didn't think she would get a piece done.  Jackie gave birth to beautiful BabyQ last month, and he was intensive care for some time afterward.  She and BabyQ are doing fine now but there is always an adjustment period and it's been tough.  I'm really glad I was able to continue working on this theme because I love how my second piece turned out!  After creating three stencils of leaves, lines and dots that would interconnect I started on a black Kona cotton.  I used Speedball Fabric screen printing ink in Peacock blue for the first layer.
 Speedball Blue for the second layer.

. . .and finally Jacquard Textile True Red for the third layer.

I absolutely LOVE how this one came out!
Here is what the 6x6" giveaway piece looks like:
If you would like to win these two pieces as well as the other 9 Mola inspired 6x6" hand painted fabrics made by the Beehive this month then visit Julie's Thread Born Blog
and leave a comment!
It really is that easy!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Pie Plates Follow Up

I will often write blog posts in my head as I take photos and then later forget to actually write those blog posts on the actual blog. Such seems to be the case of late!  So I will attempt to catch up on two now.  On the last day of the Pie Plates retreat Bonnie and Brenda always have a big show and tell.  There are always lots of beautiful projects!  I wasn't able to grab photos of them all but this gives you an idea of the talent in this group:

 After show and tell there are lots of fun giveaways.  
Bonnie (center) enlisted the help of her beautiful nieces in giving everyone a prize!

 I won this great stack of fat quarters from Riley Blake!
Hmm, what should I make with them?

And after the retreat, I put my fabric blade in, sprayed a little basting spray onto the fabric to make sure it stuck good to the mat, and cut out Sylvia's leaves!
 Are you impressed with the Silhouette yet, Sylvia?!
I cut a lot more than these but forgot a photo of the stack.
So much easier than cutting by hand!
I've worked on a few other things since the retreat but I'll cover them in their own posts.  
What have you been up to lately?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Breast Pockets

One of my breast pockets was published in Quilting Arts Magazine.  I'm thrilled to share the pages with so many talented makers.  There were about 250 pockets entered in to the challenge.  So glad they had so many submit entries!  They are all so beautiful!