Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Prayer Flag Collection

Interweave is offering my webinar: Creating Prayer Flags using Sun Shibori and Stencils, as a part of their Prayer Flag Collection again.  This collection has sold out quickly each time it has been offered.  I have been told that they will be making up new kits as they sell this time so even if it shows up as sold out you can go ahead and order.  It is also marked down in price so if you have been waiting to order, now is the time to order!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Designing My Own Digitally Printed Fabric

I love making my own fabric using all kinds of surface design techniques. You could say that it is a passion of mine.  Last week I was out of town, and I needed to create some art.  I had micro pens and a sketchbook with me but I needed something more.  I decided it was time to explore digital design.  I purchased Jane Dunnewold's eworkshop "Design and Print Your Own Fabric" and her companion ebook, "Tips and Techniques for Successful Online Fabric Design." 
(no affiliate links! no sponsorship here - just my own honest review)
Jane has such a calm personality.  I always feel inspired when I watch her and she makes me feel like I can do anything.  Her Workshop was informative and took me step by step through creating designs using my art, Spoonflower and PicMonkey. By putting all the designs into one Collection in Spoonflower, I was able to order 15 swatches for a deal.  Swatches are usually $5 each, but by ordering all of the fabrics in a Collection I was able to get fifteen 8x8" swatches for only $20 plus $2 shipping. I also ordered their Color Guide (Just $1) for future reference. I ordered the fabric on Monday, and it arrived today (Friday).  I cannot tell you how excited and nervous I was to rip in to this packaging and see how my designs turned out!  
I ordered the designs printed on their Basic Cotton Ultra. It is a thin cotton which would work for quilting but I think I will order the Kona cotton next time.  The note says to wash the fabric and it will soften up, but honestly it doesn't feel stiff to me.  
I am so HAPPY with how my designs turned out!
This is all fifteen.  I put my foot on the table to give some scale as to just how big eight by eight inches is.  I suppose I could have ironed it before showing the designs off but I was too excited!
This is one of my favorite designs.
I didn't think I would like it as much as I do.
I drew the leaf vine in my sketchbook, took a photo of it with my cell phone (you can see the shadow of my phone in the photo). . .
 . . . then uploaded it to Photoshop Elements to create a larger design.  I removed the background but decided to leave all the off coloring in the leaves to make it easier to color in Spoonflower.

After uploading the design into Spoonflower, I followed Jane's directions to play with color, and then used PicMonkey to add texture.  I really like the vintage feel of this color way.  
I printed out the same design in a blue color way, as well as a pale orange and green color way.  I really like them all.  My husband really liked them all too.  He doesn't usually comment so this was a big deal to me.  Not that he doesn't like my art, just that most of my bright abstracts aren't his style. 
I keep looking at this design because I can't believe I drew it.  
If I look closely I see "mistakes" but it's okay, those mistakes show that I am human.
I like them. It's wonderful when you can step back and like your own work.

I also uploaded a few photos of fabrics I designed for The Printed Fabric Bee into Spoonflower and played with the colors as well as the designs.  The entire top row was created from variations I created for the Industrial theme.  I LOVE them all!  
The second row has the original Art Deco fabric in the middle with two color variations to the left.  I also enlarged the design on these two.  Jane's instructions made it so easy to figure out how to change things using Spoonflower and PicMonkey.  You don't need to have Photoshop or a fancy scanner or camera.  I used Photoshop because I am a creature of habit. PicMonkey is easy to use and is linked to Spoonflower's website so uploading is simple.

Overall this was a great experience and I will be using this new knowledge to create even more digitally printed fabric.  Spoonflower offers 19 different fabrics, as well as wallpaper and gift wrap.  Once a design is created and ordered the designer can place their creations for sale on the website.  This means YOU can order any of my designs too.  Click here to go to my shop and look around. I do receive a small percentage of the sale of any of my designs.  

Monday, September 21, 2015

Quilting Arts TV - Part 2

After the nervousness of filming was over, I was able to pack up my things and relax.
My flight the next day wasn't until late in the afternoon so I spent the day at KS Productions to give support to Julie Booth and Susan Edmonson.
 Susan did a fabulous job filming her segments.
 Such beautiful pieces by Susan!
 And of course, I LOVED her prayer flags.  As soon as Vivika saw them she called me over - "LOOK! They are so beautiful!"  I had to get photos so that I could post them over on The Prayer Flag Blog.  There are a few more over on the blog so be sure to pop over and see them.
Susan Purney Mark, Julie Booth and I took a Printed Fabric Bee photo while Julie was waiting her turn.  Vivika referred to us as a swarm.  I look like a crazy woman.  Hahaha
Finally it was Julie's turn to set up.
Then a few promo shots.
 Then time to film!
And one last shot: Susan Brubaker Knapp's quilts waiting for her to film her workshop.  I just love Susan's thread work and quilting!  I know there will be a lot I can learn from her upcoming workshop.
I hope you enjoyed the photos and are excited for QATV 1700 and 1800.
I know I am!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Quilting Arts TV - Part 1

I have so many photos of my adventure to Quilting Arts TV that I decided to break it up into several posts. I hope you don't mind!  I had a fabulous time, especially once I completed my three segments and got past the nervousness. Everyone at KS Productions, where the show is filmed, was fantastic!  Everyone there really goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  I really hated to leave.  
Well, enough of my gabbing - on to the photos!

The adventure began when I took a train. . .
 . . .plane. . .

 . . .and fancy schmancy automobile to KS Productions in Solon, Ohio.
I drove straight to the studio from the airport.
I had to get my things organized for filming the next day.
were getting ready to film with host, Susan Brubaker Knapp, when I arrived.
Laura and Frieda are two of the nicest people you will ever meet! 
They made filming look like a piece of cake! 
After ironing all of my fabric samples and quilts, I decided to take a selfie 
- guess I got a bit overheated from all that ironing!
 Kristine Lundblad, assistant editor at Quilting Arts magazine, 
and I watched the filming from the green room.
Catherine Redford filmed a workshop on Modern Machine Quilting once Frieda and Laura were done.  I kept sneaking in the studio during setup for photos. 
 These guys work hard - I just caught them at a down moment.

 That night I went to dinner with everyone and tried to relax.
It is wonderful to visit with like minded people!

I didn't sleep very well that night, but it was what it was.  Sleep or not, it was showtime.
Karen, the makeup artist, made me look beautiful without anything getting into my eyes and making them water!  Woohoo!  If only she could do my makeup everyday.
I have eyes!
AND eyebrows!
I never have eyebrows!
And they looks so natural!
The worst part of the day was waiting my turn.
Fortunately people like Vivika DeNegre made it easier!
 Andrea Brokenshire was up first with her gorgeous flower quilts.
Kathie Stull, producer and owner of KS Productions, is on the right hand side, Lynn Lunoe, segment producer has her back to the camera, and QATV host, Susan Brubaker Knapp and Andrea are seated.
 Nancy Clark McNally was next to film her gorgeous quilting.
 I enjoyed watching everyone's presentation from the green room.  
It really helped me to have a sense of what filming would be like when I went on camera.
 After lunch it was my turn to film three segments:
 Segment 1: Creating Stencils
First there was set-up. . .
 . . .and explaining everything I would be doing. . .
 . . .then promo photos and filming!
 Segment 2: Basic Sun Printing
More set up. . .
 More photos and filming
Yikes!  My hair!
I look way too happy.
 Segment 3 (which will be part of Season 1800): Advanced Sun Printing
 I'm feeling more relaxed at this point because I am almost done!
Susan and I coordinate so well in this segment.
 And finally - it's a wrap!
 Everything was quickly moved back to the green room 
to make way for Catherine Redford who was filming a workshop.
I didn't get my hands dirty until I moved my paint back into the green room.  
Even then I didn't get it on my manicure.
And as far as I know I didn't even get any on my clothing.
 It's a MIRACLE! 
So, that is my experience filming for QATV.
The episodes will air on PBS stations around the country starting in January.  The segments will also be available on DVD and for download.  I will be sure to post once I know they are available.
I'll have more photos later from the rest of the experience.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Artist Party!

After my visit to Artistic Artifacts I went to a party with some great DC artists at Judy Gula's house.
 We had a small swarm of Printed Fabric Bee members: Judy Gula, Julie Booth and me.

Front Row: Linda Gower Snow, Bonnie Ruetenik, Judy Gula, Julie Booth and me.
A crazy time was had by all!