Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Which Way is Up?

It's no secret that I like Map art so when Mixed media artist, Jill K. Berry, put out her second call to create a map of our personal vision of 2015 I joined!  This year I decided to play with the idea of a city map.  I had the idea of a round-about with my family as the center and everything else I do coming out from there.  My first sketch reminded me of a spider's web.  It wasn't what I wanted.
 After a few weeks of mental processing I decided to play with another idea putting little circles in the center for each family member and making buildings along each road. Nope, something wasn't right. More processing time needed.  I wondered if I didn't like it because I hadn't added color yet.  I then remembered some stencils I made some time ago and thought they might be perfect to make a colorful page.

I cut a couple circle masks, pulled out my square stencils, my Inktense blocks and a paintbrush and went to work.
I put the circle mask a little off center, taped the stencils down and colored each block.  Just a little bit of color in each square because the Inktense blocks are truly INKTENSE! A little goes a long way, and even then some colors are more saturated than others so be careful if you don't want an intense color. 

I took a photo of the almost completed piece and imported it into photoshop to play even more.
I really didn't know what I was doing or where I was going with this piece.  I rotated the piece around trying to figure out which way was up.  Suddenly my art brain woke up! It was almost midnight so it was about time!!!  I cropped the piece so that the circle was in the upper left hand part, added a compass rose and the words "Which Way is Up?" This idea connected to how I have been feeling lately. I started naming the streets using some of the words from my original sketches and added more from there.  I added words that have meaning for me, as well as words that I may experience this year.  There are many roads to travel and some of those roads change suddenly.  And just because I travel one road doesn't mean I can't turn a corner and change things for myself.
Which ever way 2015 turns out to be this year, I think I'm ready.
If you like map art check out Jill Berry's book Personal Geographies and join us in the Arty Cartophiles Facebook group and the Map 2015 Pinterest page.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Topaz Museum

Saturday, my friend and I boarded a bus and took a 2 hour ride to Delta, Utah, a small town of about 4,000 people 133 miles south of Salt Lake City.
Why would we travel so far on a Saturday?
 Because Scotty Hill, pictured below, Mayor Gayle Bunker, bottom left, and Jane Beckwith, not pictured, invited us to come.  
They were very excited to share the opening of the Topaz Museum with as many people as possible. Topaz, a Japanese American WWII Internment Camp, is located 15 miles west of Delta.  Follow this link to learn more about this terrible scar in our US History.
The Topaz museum has been over 12 years in the making and so Saturday's grand opening was a monumental step in honoring the lives of those Japanese American's whose rights were violated in the name of "military necessity."  The museum will eventually house more exhibits about Topaz but currently is showing an exhibit of art created by Topaz internees between 1942-1945. 
The art work was impressive and moving.  There were many artists in the camp who were professors and professional artists, as well as many other professions.  Those in the camp started an Art School which had up to 600 students.  The current art show features watercolor, block prints, gauche, charcoal and pastel work.
 Photograph in front of the gymnasium during an Art Exhibition at Topaz.

 I will try to let the pictures speak for themselves.

 These are just a small sampling of the art work at the exhibit.
There is also a small exhibit of items made with shells by internees.

 I will post more photos from Topaz later.

In the meantime if you have the opportunity, please take the time to travel to Delta to visit the museum and then go the extra 15 miles to see Topaz.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


First of all I want to congratulate Upstate Lisa on her win this month for The Printed Fabric Bee Giveaway!  I am very excited to be able to share these fabrics with her!  (Look for the email I sent you Lisa!)

It seems there are a number of Hive members who also need a big congratulations today!  
I was reading my latest copy of Quilting Arts Magazine and found this great article about Seed Stitching written by Jane Davila, one of our newer hive members.  Lots of great ideas in the article and some quotes and eye candy from fellow hive members Gerrie Congdon and Deborah Boschert too!

Hive member, Leslie Jenison and her cohort in quilt crimes, Jamie Fingal, have an article highlighting their wonderful curated exhibits "What's for Dinner?"

And last but certainly not least is The Last Word column by former Hive member, Lesley Riley.

 Lesley's column was just what I needed to hear right now. 
If you haven't seen the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, you will want to find a copy. (I'm not being compensated for this review - I just think it's a great issue this month!)
Besides the Hive members there are articles from Jane LaFazio, Sue Bleiweiss, Jane Dunnewold, Ana Buzzalino, and well. . .you get the idea!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Old World Map Giveaway

I have been fascinated with maps for years and when I discovered map art I was hooked!  With my month as Queen Bee, I decided to see what the hives take would be on the topic of Old World Maps.  It has been a big challenge for everyone and I love what they have created!  A few of the members are still working on theirs and they will be added as they become available.
If you would like a chance at winning a 6x6" square of all 11 pieces then leave a comment below or on The Printed Fabric Bee blog.  
Comments will close on January 15th and a winner announced on the 16th!

And then go stop by the other members blogs to see how they created their pieces.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Breast Pockets

Two years ago, my friend, Melanie Testa, sent out a call asking artists to make breast pockets.  I made a couple of fabric pockets and then asked my daughter's volleyball team to make paper pockets for Melly.   I delivered the pockets to Melly when I went to New York for my sister's wedding.
In the October/November 2014 issue of Quilting Arts Magazine, another call was put out for Melly's Breast Pocket project in a reader challenge called: "Art from the Heart: The Breast Pocket Project."
I created two pockets and I thought I would share.  I started with an image of two birds I found at The Graphics Fairy.  I printed the birds onto a piece of TAP, and then ironed them onto some silk organza.  I auditioned them on several fabrics from Lynn Krawczyk's new fabric line: Inked, as well as a number of my own hand dyed fabrics.
 I decided I liked Lynn's red Inked fabric best.  I love the inspiring words on this piece and felt they were very appropriate for this challenge.  
I Mistyfused the birds to the fabric and then, using my own dyed thread, outlined the birds and used a scattered seed stitch over the entire 5 x 6" piece.
I haven't done a lot of embroidery lately and this felt very therapeutic.
My second piece was created using one of the blender pieces from Lynn's Inked line for the hearts, and a piece of my Gelli printed fabric as the background.  I made the print with one of my favorite flower stencils, Gathered Flowers from Crafter's Workshop.

After finishing this piece I was in a heart mood.
 I decided to decorate the envelope with a heart doodle.

And I couldn't stop so I made another heart doodle on the envelope for Susan's Sunflowers!
I created my pockets in honor of my friend who was diagnosed with ILC- Invasive Lobular Carcinoma last year.  She has is a good friend and I'm so grateful to have her in my life.