Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Try, Try Again

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again:
I'm attempting another reverse appliqué piece.
No products to keep the edges from fraying this time.
Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I've also been helping my daughters get ready for school and more importantly Comic Con. haha  My daughter Ann loves Cosplay and so I am making a Batman corset for her. . .
. . .as well as doing a lot of alterations to this dress that is almost perfect for her biggest Cosplay, and I wish I could remember what the character is!
I'll blog more about them once I am done so if you don't hear from me for awhile you know why.  In the meantime tell me what you are up to!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Happy Flag Project

The Happy Flag Project is a celebration of the Dalai Lama's visit to Birmingham, Alabama, through handmade prayer flags from around the world.  I made a couple sets of flags (which I forgot to photograph) and put them in a decorated envelope.
It's a simple design on the front and back but I had such a fun time that I decided I need to do some type of doodle or zentangle on everything I mail!
If you are interested in creating flags for The Happy Flag Project you still have a little time! The flags need to arrive in Phoenix by August 30th.  Click here for the complete instructions!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


This was the greatest success I had in the studio this week.
I put an empty tub on the table in hopes that someone would choose to sit there instead of on my project and. . . SUCCESS!

At a recent quilt guild meeting a friend demonstrated this product:
I was so excited to give it a try on a reverse appliqué project.  I followed the directions by putting it under hot water for 3 minutes, shook it for 30 seconds, poked a tiny hole in the top, put the nozzle cap back on and then tried to apply it to the stitching around the parts I wanted to cut out.  The liquid was so THIN that I found it hard to control.  It would drip out as I turned the tube toward the fabric and I would get blobs where I didn't want them to be.  I didn't worry too much because when my friend demonstrated it the liquid didn't show on the fabric once it was dried.
So basically, my first real mistake was not TESTING it on my fabric!
Once the fray block was applied, I cut and cut and cut until my hand ached.
As I cut I noticed areas where the Fray Block was really dark 
(or light as the case may be) from too much product.
I had a really hard time controlling it as I put it on.
In the end the whole quilt doesn't look bad, 
just needed some blocking and a binding but. . .
. . . up close. . .
. . . not so much. . .
It's not the show piece I had hoped for.
Perhaps if I did a lot of embroidery or beading over the top. . . hmmm
I will put it away for now.
I really don't have the energy for it.
So while this quilt is a fail it has taught me a few things:

1. Testing new products is a good idea.
2. Testing new products is a pretty good idea.
3. TESTING new products is ALWAYS a good idea!
So now on to the next project!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Craftsy Giveaway

Which quilt would you love to win? One randomly selected quilter will get to choose their prize, whether it's the starry True Blue Quilt Kit OR the elegant Blue Garden Quilt Kit. (Psst ... the prize also comes with the coordinated backing for the quilt!) 

**Only residents of the U.S. and Canada are eligible to enter.** 

Enter to win here: Enter to Win a Quilt Kit from Craftsy 

Prize Photos: 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tie Dyeing

My friend Lynn Dell Swapp is a wonderful fiber artist. Back in the day, she sold tie dyed t-shirts and tapestries out of the back of her van along Highway 101 in Oregon.
This past weekend Lynn Dell (center), Diane (left), Bev and I went up to our friend, Timmy's studio to learn a few of Lynn Dell's tricks.
With Lynn Dell's help, Diane folded two large 100% cotton sheets.
Here is the critter she ended up making with the first one.
We thought it looked like a mutant turtle - it just wasn't very ninja. ;)
Diane used a dish drainer turned upside down in a tray as a base while she added the dyes to her fabric.
I took an awkward selfie to prove that I was really there.
I only folded some smaller pieces of fabric.
Deformed camel?
Dog with an excessively large tail as well as a small tail?
What do you see?
This the folded chevron snake - the backside is about to get more dye.
The next day we put all the creatures onto the ground and sprayed out the dyes.

Timmy, in blue, is walking through checking out everyone's work.

Our finished projects after being rinsed and washed.
The piece all the way to the left is mine which is next to the red and orange curtain that I over-dyed.  The groovy peace sign with spirals is Bev's as is the beautiful boysenberry and blue piece on the end.
There were lots of interesting creatures in my purple and pink piece.
I didn't put enough dye on it so I ended up with lots of white, but I think I like it.
Here is a close up of the Ikea curtain I over dyed.
I wish Ikea was still selling this!
Lynn Dell and I found this piece sitting out and we weren't sure who had folded it, so I took the liberty of putting the dye on.  I was grateful she loved the colors I chose!  It ended up being a very nice collaboration with lots of movement.
These two are Diane's big sheets.
She is going to hang up the hippy peace sign sheet when she goes camping to separate her campsite from the one next to her.  I think it will make for a very happy campsite!
These are Lynn Dell's peace sign and 3 of her swirl t-shirts, which she is selling again.  This time through the farmers market.  The lovely tshirt on the right is Bev's.
I tried to fold hearts around that center circle but didn't quite get the dips in the hearts.  I think they kind of look like pineapples.  I think I will quilt this piece as is.

Bev used an indigo procion mx dye for the tank top and scarf.  
I love this color!  
My daughter gave me her white 100% cotton sweater from Old Navy to dye for her.  It had a few stains that we hadn't been able to remove.  Those stains are no long a problem!
I really like this color combo that Lynn Dell made!
This is my favorite piece from the weekend!
This is the chevron Lynn Dell created from her long folded snake.
It's a gorgeous design and the photo does not do it justice!

I'm linking up to Off the Wall Friday.