Friday, July 25, 2014

Black Friday in July

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stamping and Stenciling Prayer Flags

 I needed an image for some Prayer Flags I am making and decided to carve a fish stamp as that is a favorite activity of the person these flags are about.  
After drawing the fish, I traced him with a graphite pencil so that I could rub the drawing onto the Eco Karve.
Using my Speedball Linoleum Cutter tools I created
one fish. . .
 . . .and then two fish. . .
and they are all red fish, but no blue fish. ;)
Here is one of the very simple flags I created with these stamps:
All of the words on this set of flags are from a stencil I created with my Silhouette Portrait.
You are welcome to download the Words of Comfort stencil jpg and use it however you need.
Email me if you need a better quality image or you would like a copy of the studio image for Silhouette.

I needed more images than just the words and stamps for this set of prayer flags and so I created an outdoor stencil using the fish image as well as my drawings of a tent, a campfire, a grandpa and grandson fishing and a bicycle.
Stencil Fish with my water stamp.
 I think this tent and tree are one of my favorite images in this stencil set.

 I created two other sets of flags but forgot to photograph them before I passed the flags along.
If you love prayer flags please come join me over at The Prayer Flag Project where I am the new blog administrator.  I just love all of the flags people share over there!  It is heart warming to read the reasons people have created their flags and to see how they have created their flags.  They are made with love and soul.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Trying out a new style of doodling.

I really like these.
I'm going to create a stencil from this design using my SilhouettePortrait
The flowers above were drawn by hand.
I drew the flowers below with Photoshop Elements.
I'm not sure that these lines are thick enough to make a stencil.  I think I will make a Thermofax from them.  I need to get back to drawing more designs, then cut the stencils and use them with the Gelli Plate.
I have a fun quilt idea in mind for them.
What have you been creating lately?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Star Struck

I had a few deadlines this week which have kept me from posting!
First project up was to finish a second quilt for the Springville Museum of Art Quilt Show.
I created the pieced top while in Fountain Green a few months ago and was able to quilt the top in a way I REALLY liked.  After blocking the quilt, while trimming the top, the quilt told me I needed to be more drastic in my trimming.  
Do your quilts talk to you?  
I do hope I'm not the only one!
This one said I should get rid of some sections of black.  I chalked out the lines and decided to sleep on the decision. I wasn't sure I wanted to cut out all that pretty quilting!
When I came back to the quilt the next day, it yelled "YES! YES! GET RID OF SOME BLACK!"  
So I ruthlessly took the rotary cutter and chopped out the black bits I'd chalked in and then finished it with a facing, a sleeve and a label all before midnight the night before the deadline!  
But then I forgot to take a photo of the finished quilt.
(Sad trombone sound)
Oh well we will have to wait to see the finished piece when I take a photo later at the show.
Next I really wanted to complete a 3-D project for the "What's For Dinner?" quilt exhibit at Houston.  I got to work on the project and was making real progress when I hit a big snag.  
This is what happens when you don't leave yourself enough time to deal with snags before the deadline.  I'm disappointed in myself but I suppose it was a good learning experience.
And finally as an in-between project I decided I would make a star for the Astronomical Quilts! Block Challenge.  I really wanted to use a piece of fabric I created in Carol Soderlund's Dyeing to Discharge Class last fall.  I thought the discharged fabric looked astronomical and so I set to work.
I decided to cut corners (haha a pun) and use rectangles instead of squares BUT I didn't get my math right. 
First off it turned out to be 9.25" unfinished so I picked it apart and gave it tiny seams so that it was a 9.5" unfinished block, HOWEVER then my friend pointed out that my points would end up in the seams.  So much for that star!  I started over and made a wonky block.  I was lucky to have enough fabric left for the back ground!

Unfortunately I took the photo with my phone before sending it off in the mail and the color isn't quite right but it gives you an idea of the block.  I really like the way this one came out. The Astronomical quilts! Block Challenge is asking for star themed blocks which will be paired with a block that NASA Astronaut Karen Nyberg created in space and then they will be displayed at the 2014 International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas.
There is still time to send in a block!  You can find all the details here.
Will you be making a star themed block to send?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Industrial Giveaway

Queen Bee, Susan Purney Mark
chose The Printed Fabric Bee's theme for last month: 
I was so excited to give this theme a try so I found a number of copyright free images of gears and blue prints and made them into Thermofax screens.  I experimented with them on some hand dyed fuchsia fabric and I LOVED it!  
But these weren't the colors Susan wanted so I used the screen, some Color Magnet, and diluted Dark Chocolate Dye (I mean how can you go wrong with a color like Chocolate?).  But when I overprinted in black and rust I just didn't like the results. Just Meh. Blah.
I had another piece of fabric that was originally a commercial fabric that was mostly white with a bit of green and rust colors.  A few years back I tried to dye it black but I didn't get enough dye solution so I ended up with this - what I considered - VERY UGLY grey fabric.
I started by mixing some grey paint and put a layer of blue print designs down.
It is a design from the 1800's for a railroad bridge.
It gave a very light texture to the fabric.
Next I made the grey lighter and added cogs and gears.
And once that dried I added more cogs and gears with grey and rust.

 I now LOVE this fabric!!!
 It's a good thing I made almost a yard because I don't think I could put it in the mail to Susan if I didn't have some for myself!
And look at my print cloth underneath.
I really love the grunginess of it!

If you would like to win the 6"ish x 6"ish square (pictured above) as well as 8 other fabulous fabrics then go to Susan's blog or The Printed Fabric Bee Blog and leave a comment for a chance to win!

Also, don't forget about the Marked's Stencil Blog Hop still going on.
Click on the above link and leave a comment to be included in the Stencil giveaway!