Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Forest Floor - Giveaway

The Printed Fabric Bee theme for February was the Forest Floor.
I've been playing with the idea of mushrooms for this project.
I drew a little mushroom forest for inspiration. . . 
 . . .and created a stamp from the drawing.
I also designed a mushroom stencil I planned to cut using my Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter and then WHAM! 
The Hard Drive on my Mac Crashed!
Fortunately I had most everything backed up.  
Sadly my mushroom stencil was not in those saved files.  
On to plan B: Using my stash of leaf stencils and my mushroom stamp.
I started with a piece of snow dyed fabric, 
because it's always a great base for surface design.
 I used Setacolor transparent blue paint for the leaves.  
I wanted to give a soft semi-transparent feel for the first layer of leaves.
 Next I mixed an orange brown from my Setacolors to stamp a few more leaves . . .
 . . .and mushrooms.
 And even with all this beauty I felt like something was missing.  
My forest floor needed a little magic: A Faery!  
I asked my daughter to draw a lovely faerie for me:
I reduced her size and simplified her for a stamp:
Because she needed to be magical, I stamped her in gold Lumiere from Jacquard.
Here is the six inch square I made for the giveaway (more like 7"):
 And the complete 9"x16" piece for Carol, with Faeries floating all over the place.  Some of the Faeries are more obvious than others. 
This months set of fabrics is another lovely collection.
So much beauty in this forest!
Visit Carol's post, or stop by The Printed Fabric Bee before March 15th and leave a comment for a chance to win this month's collection!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A New Generation of Quilter

My friend, Korrin, started an avalanche at our house!  She was cleaning out her basement and asked if we would like a beautiful, hardly used, Grace hand quilting frame. I hesitated wondering how much use I would get from it because of my carpel tunnel, but I decided to go for it.  She brought it over and before I knew it my daughter, Ann, was excited to learn to hand quilt!  I put a call out to my quilt group for someone to teach her, as I don't feel confident in my hand quilting skills.  My friend Leigh, who has been my roommate at the Utah State Quilt festival for several years, happily volunteered!  We went to Leigh's house today and she began to teach my daughter to hand quilt:

I hope Ann continues to enjoy this new skill for many years!
Leigh's basenji, Katie, kept watch for us.
 We were not disturbed by any squirrels or birds.

She is so adorable!

I look forward to seeing the beautiful things Ann will create!
Are you a hand quilter?  Do you have any hints or tricks you would like to share with my daughter?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Autumn is for the Birds

I was thrilled when my friend Jamie Fingal ask me to create something using her new fabric line, Autumn is for the Birds, from Hoffman Fabrics.

I decided to use my favorite method of creating: free form piecing.  When I create a quilt with this method I rarely plan anything out, other than perhaps a general size and a few elements.  The problem with this method is that I often have to rearrange as I go.  And sometimes I need to unpick - a LOT.  I took a few photos as I went to help me get an idea of where things were going and then based upon those photos I added or changed.  I put the photos together in a short power point so that you could see a little bit of my process.  I apologize for the dark photos as my design wall is in a dark hallway but I think it still gives you a good idea of how things went.

The final quilt is approximately 30"x 37".
I love the focus fabrics!  There are a lot of textures in all of the fabrics.  Honestly, I could have quilted the Bluebird fabric, given it a border or two and been very happy with it!  But I always like to mix things up a bit.

And because I love to make more than I need too, 
I made a set of wings for my teenage daughter to put on a backpack.
She saw a Kawaii style backpack with wings and asked if I could make her a pair.  She helped me to design the wings and now we just need to find the perfect backpack to put them on!

What do you think you would make if you were given some Autumn is for the Birds fabric?  Leave a comment here on my blog or any of the other blogs in the hop, for your chance to win a fat quarter stack generously donated by Hoffman Fabrics. (Sorry US Residents only)

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fabric Printing at Home Winner

Congratulations to 
I have contacted you through Instagram because I couldn't find an email address on your website.  I'm very excited to share this book with you.  Please email me asap at something_clever (at) man (dot) com!

Monday, February 9, 2015


 I am participating in the 28 Patterns challenge issued by Balzer Designs.  

 A new pattern everyday and I've been posting them on Instagram (Somethinglisa) and my Facebook page.  If you haven't seen the patterns people are posting you should search #28patterns in whatever social media you follow.  Here are my first 9 patterns:
The first 6 days were patterns I drew with Sharpie markers, except for day 3.  Day 3 (the penguins and whales) started as a drawing and then was enhanced in photoshop.  Days 6 - 9 have all been created with my hand carved stamps.  I created the fish and butterfly last summer and the jellyfish was made today.

I am really enjoying the patterns I've made with the stamps.
The question now is, which stamp do I use next?
Or do I create something new?