Monday, March 23, 2015

Pie Plates Follow Up

I will often write blog posts in my head as I take photos and then later forget to actually write those blog posts on the actual blog. Such seems to be the case of late!  So I will attempt to catch up on two now.  On the last day of the Pie Plates retreat Bonnie and Brenda always have a big show and tell.  There are always lots of beautiful projects!  I wasn't able to grab photos of them all but this gives you an idea of the talent in this group:

 After show and tell there are lots of fun giveaways.  
Bonnie (center) enlisted the help of her beautiful nieces in giving everyone a prize!

 I won this great stack of fat quarters from Riley Blake!
Hmm, what should I make with them?

And after the retreat, I put my fabric blade in, sprayed a little basting spray onto the fabric to make sure it stuck good to the mat, and cut out Sylvia's leaves!
 Are you impressed with the Silhouette yet, Sylvia?!
I cut a lot more than these but forgot a photo of the stack.
So much easier than cutting by hand!
I've worked on a few other things since the retreat but I'll cover them in their own posts.  
What have you been up to lately?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Breast Pockets

One of my breast pockets was published in Quilting Arts Magazine.  I'm thrilled to share the pages with so many talented makers.  There were about 250 pockets entered in to the challenge.  So glad they had so many submit entries!  They are all so beautiful!

Friday, March 13, 2015


My friend, Sylvia, and I decided to split a 100 yard bolt of Mistyfuse.
We are at a quilt retreat right now and finally able to split the bolt.  Our friend Helen helped with this big chore.  Many hands make light work!
This is what 50 yards of hand rolled Mistyfuse looks like.
Isn't it pretty!  It reminded us of cotton candy.
Now here is the crazy part - Sylvia has NEVER used Mistyfuse!
She bought it because I said it was fabulous.  That is a lot of trust!  Well and there are lots of other testimonials of the great product online but mostly it was me. ;)  So I had to show her how to use it.
She is making some leaves for a project and so she cut pieces of Mistyfuse to cover her fabric.
 Took it over to the iron and covered it with my Goddess Sheet.  She has a small sheet, but my bigger one was better for this project.
 A little ironing. . .

. . .and it's fused and ready to go!

We had planned on cutting her leaves with my Silhouette portrait BUT I forgot the fabric blade!  We tried it with the regular blade, which made a big mess, so, sadly. she will have to wait and I will cut her leaves when I get back home.

I'm linking up to Off The Wall Fridays.  You can hop over and see what others are up to!

Monday, March 9, 2015

I took a little trip to Colorado last week with my daughter. . .
. . . and while there I coordinated a visit with Luana Rubin, philanthropist, fabulous quilter and co-owner of
I got the full tour of the warehouse.
Be still my heart!
I LOVE solids!!!!  There were more colors behind me too.  I guess I should have taken a panoramic photo to get it all in.  I wasn't thinking very clearly.  It must have been the smell of the fabric intoxicating me.  Part way in to the tour Luana had to tell me that it was okay to take photos. I had my camera in my hand the entire time but I was just soaking it all in.
There were many, many rows of fabrics that I didn't photograph.  They carry full lines of fabrics. There were more Alexander Henry fabrics than I have ever seen in one place!  OH they were all so lovely!  EQuilter is a great place to check for fabrics after you hit your local quilt store.
They carry LOTS of beautiful threads too.  This was only one rack.
The map fabrics below were brand new in the warehouse.
I gawked and petted them for awhile.
Fabric and Maps. *sigh* Such a lovely combination!!!
I don't buy many commercial fabrics since I started dyeing and printing my own but these on my list as MUST buys.
As I said earlier, I was busy taking everything in while we chatted.  I took this lovely photo of Picard in Luana's studio but neglected to take anything more of the studio.  I was certain I had taken more but I guess I took them all with my brain! She has some very lovely Bernina machines and lots of space for creating.  She even has an area set up for filming videos.
Luana showed me some of her fashion/costume work.  They were gorgeous!!! (Sorry no pictures)
This little wall hanging is a piece Luana designed and had printed on fabric before quilting and beading.  It had just been returned from a show.
It was a delight to visit with Luana and learn more about her and her business.
I had just missed meeting her daughter, Sophie, and husband, Paul, so I will need to go back to meet them, take more photos of the shop and studio and maybe even meet her beautiful dogs, Ruby and Alfie.  I just love connecting with other quilters!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Forest Floor - Giveaway

The Printed Fabric Bee theme for February was the Forest Floor.
I've been playing with the idea of mushrooms for this project.
I drew a little mushroom forest for inspiration. . . 
 . . .and created a stamp from the drawing.
I also designed a mushroom stencil I planned to cut using my Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter and then WHAM! 
The Hard Drive on my Mac Crashed!
Fortunately I had most everything backed up.  
Sadly my mushroom stencil was not in those saved files.  
On to plan B: Using my stash of leaf stencils and my mushroom stamp.
I started with a piece of snow dyed fabric, 
because it's always a great base for surface design.
 I used Setacolor transparent blue paint for the leaves.  
I wanted to give a soft semi-transparent feel for the first layer of leaves.
 Next I mixed an orange brown from my Setacolors to stamp a few more leaves . . .
 . . .and mushrooms.
 And even with all this beauty I felt like something was missing.  
My forest floor needed a little magic: A Faery!  
I asked my daughter to draw a lovely faerie for me:
I reduced her size and simplified her for a stamp:
Because she needed to be magical, I stamped her in gold Lumiere from Jacquard.
Here is the six inch square I made for the giveaway (more like 7"):
 And the complete 9"x16" piece for Carol, with Faeries floating all over the place.  Some of the Faeries are more obvious than others. 
This months set of fabrics is another lovely collection.
So much beauty in this forest!
Visit Carol's post, or stop by The Printed Fabric Bee before March 15th and leave a comment for a chance to win this month's collection!