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Happy New Year & Merry Christmas

Bubba would like to wish everyone a carefree and happy New Year. He would also like to tell everyone about the lovely Christmas we had - even if the only present he got was a piece of ribbon! Christmas this year was different and it was all because of a Bunny. The Easter Bunny to be specific. You see the Bunny was very careless this past Easter as he left some of the candy from the Easter Baskets in our cupboard. Silly rabbit. As a result we had a very traumatic Easter day, and now all the children aren't as naive as they once were. :( Things were also different because my sister didn't arrive until 4 in the afternoon on Christmas day. We decided it would be best to wait until she arrived to open presents, and so after waking up late, we had a big breakfast followed by a day of game playing Risk. This is the face my dear husband makes when he thinks he has done something very clever. He makes me laugh! Once my sister arrived we had a delicious turkey dinner followed

Stop and Lick the Icicles.

My creative friend stopped by this evening to bring me a delightful Christmas gift she had made for me. As she came up to the door she bent down to get a drink off one of the melting icicles hanging from our Christmas lights. We laughed at her childishness, and then paused to observe the beauty in the glassy sculptures. When I saw how the water from the top icicle was dripping to form a new icicle below it I became very excited and called to my family to come see right away! I heard chairs scoot and feet scramble because of the thrill they heard in my voice. "Oh, that's nice" was all one said when they arrived. As they returned to the kitchen, I heard a cynical voice crack that the most exciting thing to do in this town on a Saturday night was to look at icicles. I retorted that sometimes it's good for life to be simple and you just have to stop and lick the icicles! As my friend left she suggested that I take a picture and include it in my next blog entry.

Searching for a woman's family

Recently when I was working on some family history at (a free website where you can search for your ancestors). I discovered Family Search Indexing. A website where "Volunteers extract family history information from digital images of historical documents to create searchable indexes that assist everyone in finding their ancestors." I decided to give it a try. I downloaded the software and spent an evening going through all the tutorials and then downloaded my first project. It was some very interesting marriage records, which were all seperate pieces of paper, not the typical items listed in a column. I have always been facinated with old records and things, even if they don't have anything to do with my own family. Just so you understand, I also enjoy walking through a cemetary. I am facinated knowing that these people lived, and had families. I love reading headstones and seeing how old people were when they passed away and wondering what their life

The Cats Like it!

I finally finished my challenge quilt for Quilter's Holladay, and the verdict is in. The cats say it is a winner! Wahoo. lol Actually it did take two awards at my guild meeting as well - a tie for "Most Complicated interpretation of the theme" and "Most Original interpretation of the theme." I received a beautiful fat quarter as the prize for both titles, along with a beautiful ribbon which says "Good job" or something like that. I guess I should pull it out and take a picture, but that would interupt my train of thought. :) The challenge was multi-leveled: use only squares and triangles, use the color green plus one or two other colors, and you could also use black and white, and it had to be at least 50" x 50". I would never have made this quilt the way I did without the challenge and so I think I am grateful for the stretching it provided me? It took me about 10 months to complete with the majority of that time spent putting 2 1/

I LOVE Mondays

There is no sarcasm in the above title. It is a statement of fact. I LOVE MONDAYS. Monday is the day after Sunday, which means I have been spiritually and physically charged (3 hours of church followed by 3 hours of nap). Monday is the day that we get back on a defined schedule, which means I am in charge of my schedule. I get to sit at the computer all day, or work like a demon all day without interruption if I like. Usually I am fired up for the week ahead and start with a to do list and get to it. By 9 p.m. I am happy with what I have accomplished and exhausted. This past Monday I ran to the bookstore with my two youngest at about 8:30 p.m. Suddenly I wasn't feeling like a happy mom anymore. "Are we done? Are you ready to go? Please put that down." I decided nights when I'm tired are not a good time to go shopping. My patience has gone to bed and I am ready to join her! Patience, Energy and Charity had all run off to bed because I had spent the ent