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US Open

Our tickets told us that the gates opened at 6 p.m. for the 7 o'clock match but we hoped we would be allowed into the grounds at Flushing Meadows earlier to go shopping but the gate keepers were very strict and let us know in no uncertain terms that we could not start lining up until 5:30. We had two hours to waste. We went into the park and took a short walk to The Unisphere and spent the time people watching. As well as finishing our strudle, rugalach and chocolate crossaint. . A lot of people like to take photos of themself holding up the Unisphere as this little girl is doing. As we watched some small children delight in touching the water we soon found out that hands and feet are not allowed in the fountain. The security guards whistles were very loud and obnoxious. Laying on the side of the fountain was acceptable however so Sistah didn't get in trouble; she just had multiple secret photos taken of her. Oh look, I really was there! We thought we could go in the south gat

Ground Zero

Ground Zero is a busy place these days filled with lots of construction. Fire Station number 10 is directly across from where the World Trade Towers stood and has some beautiful memorials on it dedicated to the Fireman who died on 9/11.

Zabar's and Central Park

My friend, Lisa, from quilting, suggested that we stop by a deli called Zabar's  if we were near Central Park so we decided to take her recommendation and stop by "the best deli ever" to pick up some lunch to eat in the park.  "We" checked the map. . . And hopped on the subway to 79th street. Little did we know that Zabar's is almost as big as Central Park! Zabars takes up five or six store fronts - one store, picture above, is a smallish deli where you can get a sandwich, salads and pastries to go or eat in the store.  OR you can go next door and visit the rest of Zabar's which almost takes up the rest of the block. (Not to mention the second floor which we didn't visit which is filled with kitchen merchandise) First there is the Cheese "Section". . . and the next section where you can get Strudel and Knishes along with the deli counter where we picked up a couple of sandwiches and some chicken. and then there is another bakery section w

Wall Street

We stayed in a Holiday Inn Express near Wall Street.  It's amazing how empty of New Yorkers Wall Street can be on a non-work day.  It was, however, covered in tourists. So much so that we couldn't get too close to the typical photo places such as George Washington's statue. . . Hmmm, this photo doesn't look like there are many people there - but there is a line of people waiting to take their photo with George behind the vendors umbrella. The US Stock Exchange bull however had a lot of people! Who knew a bull could be so popular!

Law & Order Tour

I don't believe there is a tour of all the places that the TV show Law & Order has filmed but there should be.  Sistah and I are fans of the show and as we walked around New York this weekend we pointed out places we remembered from the show -  . . .such as this bridge in Central Park. . . these flat rocks, also in Central Park. . . . . .Bryant Park . . . . . .random brownstones that I was too poliet to photograph. . . . . .S. Epatha Merkerson, who happened to be at the US Open match we went to . . . . . .Times Square. . . . . . and this guy. . . Wasn't he the defense attorney in that episode where that guy was shot in that odd place and the gun was thrown in the East River?