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Fabric Shopping In Oakland

Do you believe this meme? I do! And when I travel is when I enjoy the hobby of collecting most. I love to visit local shops and see if I can find an unusual piece (or two) of fabric.  After Craft Napa, Libby Williamson and I stopped at a couple of wonderful shops in the bay area and I thought I would share what we found. Our first stop was at A Verb for Keeping Warm . Libby immediately fell in love with this indigo linen.  The shop is filled with beautiful yarns and fabrics.  They are big in to weaving and natural dyeing.  They carry a lot of natural fabrics.  I really enjoyed browsing, and wished I had more room in my suitcase.  I purchased a lovely piece of linen which I hope to dye and stamp on.  Our second stop was to Stone Mountain and Daughter Fabric.  It is a HUGE store! Two large rooms of every type of fabric.  My favorite part was the giant wall of buttons! I was also intrigued by th

Craft Napa 2018

Earamichia Brown , Sandra Johnson, Judy Tucker, Frances Holladay, Michelle Benton, me and Libby Williamson There are few things better than being with good people. Good people combined with creativity is even better. This is one of the main reasons I like attending Craft Napa. Pokey Bolton and I Deborah Massie Boschert and Johanna Felberbaum Melly Testa and I with our drawings on the Graffiti Wall Our Cheryl Sleboda shot. Jamie Fingal and I relaxing My goofy roommates, Michelle Tade Banton and Libby Williamson  (minus Frances Holladay who hadn't arrived yet) During the check in on opening night there were pieces of art were for sale to benefit the Friends for Life Animal Rescue . So many beautiful pieces!  I purchased this wonderful piece made by Judy Coates Perez . I took an Improve Wedge Curve class from Sherri Lynn Wood . Unfortunately I felt sick through out the class and didn't get as much done as I would hav

Mistyfusing Book Pages

You might have noticed I enjoy stamping in an old book.  It is a book I saved from the recycling bin at the main library. It is titled "Principles of the Law of Contracts" published in 1939.  The binding is great and the pages are sturdy but the pages aren't quite thick enough to keep from seeing images printed on the next page.  I decided to  Mistyfuse the pages together.  I thought I would share how easy it is to glue paper together with Mistyfuse. Cut a stack of Mistyfuse just a little smaller than the book pages.  Only one piece of Mistyfuse is needed per pair of pages. Lay the Mistyfuse on the right hand page and cover with a Goddess sheet. Move iron across the page to fuse the Mistyfuse to the page. Be sure to keep moving the iron to fuse evenly. Pull up the corner of the Goddess sheet to make sure the Mistyfuse is adhering. Keep ironing if the Mistyfuse comes up at all. Remove the Goddess sheet once you can see the M