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Tie Dyeing

I tied up some t-shirts to dye for my grandsons. Of course I forgot to take photos of the shirts once they were rinsed and washed. I do have a couple of photos of the boys in one of their shirts. They were a lot larger than I anticipated, but they enjoyed them just the same. I like both styles but was really surprised at how much I love the horizontal stripes.


A few years ago my daughter started collecting succulents.  When she moved out I ended up with the plants in my studio window. I wanted to repot them and found these cute self watering pots on Amazon. They grew and grew. And soon it was time to repot them again,  this time in to larger pots that would join my other plants in the kitchen. All of my aloe plants were birthed from one small plant a friend gave me when she moved out of town. I think it's time for them to be repotted. I probably should separate and gift a few of them. Anyone local want an aloe vera??? My two Christmas Cactus' were gifts from my real estate agent. This adorable air plant was a gift from my youngest daughter for Mother's day one year. My beautiful spider plant was a gift from my oldest daughter, Christmas 2021. I gifted myself with this spider plant a few years ago when I decided I was a plant lady again. I found some beautiful pottery online through Home Depot.  They all came from Lee Pottery in C