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Celebrate Good Times

Congratulations!  "On what?," you ask?   I don't know - you tell me. Just pick a reason and celebrate. Maybe it's your birthday?  Or you're getting married, Or you just want to celebrate the summer,  any occasion will do! Whatever you are celebrating you will want to run over to my Etsy shop and have a look at ordering these new party decorations I have just added.  There are banners for birthdays, graduations, weddings or whatever you would like to celebrate as I can customize banners JUST FOR YOU! Once you are ready to make a purchase send me an email, or leave your email address in the comments section here and I will give you your own personal coupon code good for 10% OFF!   The coupon offer is good through June 15th.

Spring Inspiration

The Peonies are in bloom at my house. I had to bring a few in and let their scent permeate the house. I love peonies. The roses are blooming too. My sister bought these yellow English Roses for my birthday one year. They smell fabulous. I wonder if their petals would make a yellow dye? This pink rose bush belonged to the previous owners of the house and I dug it up 10 years ago when we moved in.  It was in the spot I wanted for my vegetable garden. It refused to die.   Every year it comes back right next to the vegetable garden fence and despite the fact that it doesn't have a wonderful scent, it is beautiful and so I have let it grow. What is blooming at your house?

Thinking of Them

Today is Memorial Day in the United States. I am grateful for the freedoms I use everyday and thankful to those who fought so I could have those freedoms.

Yellowstone Inspiration

 We decided to visit Yellowstone for the first time and found that summer has not arrived in this part of Montana yet!  However the cool weather and snow didn't stop the animals from making an appearance.  There were a lot of baby bison roaming around the park and each one was adorable.  I always thought that geese nested on the ground.   I'm wondering why this goose is on a nest up in a tree.     There were a couple of geese flying around this nest. Could they be babysitting for an Eagle? ;) Canadian Geese have white geese who help them tend their goslings - true story - so why not?  Something to ponder. (I've seen these white geese helping the Canadian geese at Wheeler Farm in Utah)  The cloudiness of the day just added something extra to the beauty of the park.   This momma elk and her baby swam across the river.   It was amazing to see the baby swimming and how concerned Momma was about her baby.  There were a lot of fly fisher

A Beautiful Day to Batik

Over the weekend, when I should have been quilting a project for a deadline, I took a four hour break to go Batik with my friend Anne. Anne taught me how to dye fabrics about 6 years ago and it's been downhill ever since!  Tjantings and brushes ready to go.  Anne is a real professional.  She has been making and selling batiks for many years.  Batiking is the art of drawing on fabric with wax and then painting over it with dyes.  The dye goes everywhere the wax isn't.  Saturday we decided to experiment with Soy Wax.   Usually we would use a beeswax/parrafin mix but there has been a lot of talk over the past year or two about the benefits of soy wax so we thought we'd give it a go.   I found a copyright-free-sun image online that I wanted to try batiking over the top of this ice dyed fabric.  You can see just a piece of the image up at the right hand corner.  Scout watched and waited patiently as we talked and played.  A couple shots of the