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I'm Back!

So, I feel like I have been in hibernation or something.  Not exactly sure what has kept me from posting - other than having a sinus infection for months that I didn't realize was a sinus infection until I got on antibiotics and now I'm feeling a bit better!  Well then there was the months of driving around trying to find one of the college daughters an apartment in her new college town.  And once the apartment was found there was the furnishing of the apartment, thanks to generous friends and thrift stores, and of course the moving of all these things plus the stuff she already owned.  Exhausting. Anyway, I'm back!  I hope! I have written four posts over at The Printed Fabric Bee about Sun and SunLESS printing.  The first post is up and the rest of the posts will pop up on September 20, 23, and 27, 2016.  I am giving away these lovely fabrics, some wonderful Mistyfuse and a mini Goddess Sheet, so be sure to hop over and leave a comment on each post for four chances to