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Art and Soul Portland

Art and Soul Portland is always wonderful. This year I taught a couple of stamp carving classes, and a silk scarf painting class. My students were wonderful and created some beautiful pieces. A lot of the same people come to Art and Soul which means you get to meet up with old friends, but there are always new people to meet too. There are usually an average of 4 - 500 people who attend, meaning you are bound to find someone you connect with. Doris Arndt's class A few of the books cut by The Book Ladies, Lark and Lara. One of Libby Williamson's fun classes. There is always a big party to kick off the event.  This year there was even a photo booth! Libby pretending that she has had too much before she even drank anything. Glenny Moir getting some sparkle added to her hair Libby and I had breakfast with Jill Berry. It was Pi Day during Art and Soul so of course we had Pie! Vendor night is a

BIGGER Clam Shells

My friend Sue Pelland challenged me to make some bigger clam shell stamps which I can print on fabric she cuts with her templates. I took up the challenge and created two 5" clam shells so far. Hoping to make a few more.