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Floral Stamps

After returning home, and working on getting caught up on the blog, emptying some of the suitcases, and sleeping a LOT, I had a new idea for some stamps based up the beautiful floral pieces from The Garden Wren . The pieces I carved while in Houston were for The Garden Wren but after looking at her work, I had to carve more for her. Fortunately she was all in.  First there is always a drawing, and then a lot of carving.  Keiko often feels the need to help me carve and I was grateful she decided to nap this day.  Next I wanted to create something she could use across the bottom of bags, or cards.   But I couldn't stop there! That was extremely satisfying.

Quilts are what it's all About

Of course, without the quilts, there wouldn't be a Quilt Festival! You can see all the beautiful winners by clicking here. They are truly amazing quilts, and it is wonderful to see them up close and personal. I thought I would share a few photos of the show floor and some of the quilts I thought were also amazing.     SAQA always has a beautiful exhibit of quilts. This year's theme was Dusk to Dawn . Kristin La Flamme's quilt "Half Light Medallion" stood out to me.    As I walked around someone asked me if medallions were a theme this year, because they were truly everywhere! "Cathedral Rose" by Michelle Bardwell was amazing! It was quilted on a stationary sewing machine, and was pieced, and hand and fused applique.  "After the Last Sky" by Jennifer Bowker was stunning. I feel I have shared it already but cannot find the post so I'm including it here.    We stood and listened to her tell the background of ho

The Social Justice Sewing Academy

I have been helping to embroider blocks for The Social Justice Sewing Academy this past year, and was so thrilled to have the opportunity to see the blocks created by teens up close and personal in their booth at the Houston Quilt Festival. The youth create some amazing work!  The youth who create these collage quilt blocks have a lot to say about the world we live in. Their art explores issues such as racial profiling, LBGTQ+ issues, gender discrimination, mass incarceration, and gun violence. The images are powerful, and evoke conversations. They give them a way to express themselves. After they create the blocks they are sent out to volunteers to embroider, and then are mailed back to be pieced and made in to quilts. The quilts are then displayed in museums, galleries, and quilt shows through out the country. If you are interested in supporting SJSA in any way, please visit their website.

Working While On the Road

 When deadlines must be met, the work doesn't stop.  Libby could always be seen stitching during her "down times."  So many beautiful tea bags. And I had a carving commission that needed to get in the mail so I made a nice little mess at the dining room table over several nights.  I don't take on a lot of commissions. I generally prefer to do designs I want to make, but this one came up at the right time and was a fun design to create.  These stamps plus a couple more flew off to The Garden Wren in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

The Texas Art Asylum

Where do mixed media artists go in Houston? Well, the Texas Art Asylum of course! Libby is so excited!!! The Texas Art Asylum is an amazing reuse center filled with all kinds of great stuff!  So many beads!!!! We didn't stick together long, as there was much to explore.  I had this Barbie Fashion Face when I was a girl!  I loved doing her hair and makeup.  I didn't have a clue what I was doing but it was fun none the less.  In front of where Libby is standing were drawers filled with architectural drawings. I was very tempted by these. We stayed long enough that I needed to visit the bathroom. I was delighted to find this display awaiting me there! They have two beautiful kitties to keep you company while you shop.   We all came out with a bag of wonderful treasures. For me those treasures included some interesting keys, some metal sticks I want to use for Shibori, lots of zippers, a number of cross stitch kits for my

Never Enough Pictures with Friends

The problem with going through my photos is realizing how many people I forgot to take photos of. It makes me very sad. But I'm grateful for the ones I did get. I really enjoy getting to visit with my friends in person while in Houston. If you are looking for photos of quilts, this isn't the post, just people here. Photos to remind me of the good times for those moments when I doubt myself. First and foremost are my Mistyfuse buddies.  Unfortunately Pat is missing, but these are the people I hung out with the most while in Houston. Judy Tucker , me, Michelle Banton , Libby Williamson and Iris Karp .  Teri Lucas  and I had a great conversation about the future. She has helped inspire me to walk through some doors. Hopefully great stuff happens on the other side of those doors.  Libby Williamson and I went out to Pearland to have dinner with our friend Judi Hurwitt . Really enjoyed seeing her and getting to see the art she is creating in her awesome stud