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Social Justice Sewing Academy

 Flew out to Sacramento to help my sister and it happened to be the same weekend the Social Justice Sewing Academy was meeting to put together more blocks for their remembrance project. Picked up a copy of this book while I was there too. Lots of wonderful people! I had the privilege of putting the borders on this banner. It was a joy to get to visit with my friends Martha Wolfe and Sara Trail. Sara is lifting herself up to be taller than us.    Great shot of Martha and I. Sara is an amazing woman. We had a wonderful lunch! It was a great day. Wishing I lived closer, but now that my sister lives closer maybe I will be able to visit again.

Holidays and Cat Photos

Between Thanksgiving, setting up for Christmas and getting a cold, I have not been very productive with my drawing. I have been doing a lot of hand stitching but don't want to share it yet in case I can find a show to enter it in.  I did manage to finish up this mandala I started a week ago.  I like the variations in color. Mister came to visit me this week, and he was kind enough to pose for some photos.   He loves going in the yard.