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Creating with Stencils

I needed a 12x12" piece of surface designed fabric to send to someone and so I started with some dyed fabrics and stencils I created from my drawings. My Gingko leaves drawing was the first stencil I tried. I used orange Setacolor paint on top of a brown and orange hand dyed fabric. It's a very light pattern and I think it may need a few more layers but since I didn't know what I wanted to do next, I move on to another piece. I love the way the stencil has turned out from this drawing, and I think I may make a thermofax of it too, and perhaps that is what I need to do with the ginkgo leaves above too! I had a piece of pink and purple hand dyed fabric that I used with some Color Magnet awhile back and so I stenciled over the top with Fuchsia Setacolor.  I really like how the piece turned out but I didn't think it looked like the person I intended it for. A while ago I drew this layered zentangle and made it into a large thermofax screen. I use

Stamping and Stenciling Prayer Flags

 I needed an image for some Prayer Flags I am making and decided to carve a fish stamp as that is a favorite activity of the person these flags are about.   After drawing the fish, I traced him with a graphite pencil so that I could rub the drawing onto the  Eco Karve. Using my  Speedball Linoleum Cutter   tools I created one fish. . .  . . .and then two fish. . . and they are all red fish, but no blue fish. ;) Here is one of the very simple flags I created with these stamps: All of the words on this set of flags are from a stencil I created with my Silhouette Portrait. You are welcome to download the Words of Comfort stencil jpg and use it however you need. Email me if you need a better quality image or you would like a copy of the studio image for Silhouette. I needed more images than just the words and stamps for this set of prayer flags and so I created an outdoor stencil using the fish image as well as my drawings of a tent, a campfire, a grand


Trying out a new style of doodling. I really like these. I'm going to create a stencil from this design using my Silhouett ePortrait The flowers above were drawn by hand. I drew the flowers below with Photoshop Elements. I'm not sure that these lines are thick enough to make a stencil.  I think I will make a Thermofax from them.  I need to get back to drawing more designs, then cut the stencils and use them with the Gelli Plate. I have a fun quilt idea in mind for them. What have you been creating lately?

Star Struck

I had a few deadlines this week which have kept me from posting! First project up was to finish a second quilt for the Springville Museum of Art Quilt Show . I created the pieced top while in Fountain Green a few months ago and was able to quilt the top in a way I REALLY liked.  After blocking the quilt, while trimming the top, the quilt told me I needed to be more drastic in my trimming.   Do your quilts talk to you?   I do hope I'm not the only one! This one said I should get rid of some sections of black.  I chalked out the lines and decided to sleep on the decision. I wasn't sure I wanted to cut out all that pretty quilting! When I came back to the quilt the next day, it yelled "YES! YES! GET RID OF SOME BLACK!"   So I ruthlessly took the rotary cutter and chopped out the black bits I'd chalked in and then finished it with a facing, a sleeve and a label all before midnight the night before the deadline!   Whew! But then I forgot to take a

Industrial Giveaway

Queen Bee, Susan Purney Mark ,  chose The Printed Fabric Bee 's theme for last month:  INDUSTRIAL I was so excited to give this theme a try so I found a number of copyright free images of gears and blue prints and made them into Thermofax screens.  I experimented with them on some hand dyed fuchsia fabric and I LOVED it!   But these weren't the colors Susan wanted so I used the screen, some Color Magnet, and diluted Dark Chocolate Dye (I mean how can you go wrong with a color like Chocolate?).  But when I overprinted in black and rust I just didn't like the results. Just Meh. Blah. I had another piece of fabric that was originally a commercial fabric that was mostly white with a bit of green and rust colors.  A few years back I tried to dye it black but I didn't get enough dye solution so I ended up with this - what I considered - VERY UGLY grey fabric. I started by mixing some grey paint and put a layer of blue print designs down. It is a design fr