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Beautiful Images

I just found this wonderful website/blog which is full of beautiful antique and vintage images for mixed media artists.  The images are fun and lovely and FREE of any copyright restrictions!  Here are a few examples of images I thought were wonderful. . . Beautiful Daylilies I love these keys!  They would be so beautiful to use in printing or sun dying.  Such a sweet face!  There are antique photos of people too. And lots of lovely drawings of birds, butterflies and insects. So far I have downloaded 37 images.  I'm looking forward to using them someday soon. 

It's Finished

Wahoo!  My sample for my Lawless Log Cabin class is done!  It is always a relief to finish a project.  This will be heading up to Whimsy Cottage this week.  I'm grateful that the quilting thread does not show up as dark in the photo as I think it looks in person.  I don't think the photo shows the colors very well.  One of these days I will figure out the color balance on my camera!


I recently learned how to make a perfect circle design on my sewing machine - no software, special feet or  assembly required.  I had so much fun with this new technique that I just couldn't stop.  I ended up making theses 8 mini-quilts, which are actually. . . postcards! Now the question is. . .where do I send them? If you would like to give one of these quilted postcards a place to live please leave a note in the comment section and then send me your mailing address by email: something_clever(at)msn(dot)com.  If I have more than 8 people respond I'll have a drawing - or maybe it will be a good excuse to just make more postcards. . .

Gutter Ball Turkey

I went bowling with the family yesterday.  We had a fun time laughing at each other.  No one took the game seriously. These days it seems that no one knows how to keep score because a machine does it all for you.  The machine counts how many pins were knocked down and then calculates the scores. But I remember how to count the pins and how to add the strikes and spares.  I remember where to put the ball to make it hit the pins just right.  I can even tell you what is wrong with your stance and who should go first when two bowlers approach the lane.  You see while other little girls went to ballet, gymnastics or tap dance, I went bowling (Actually I did those other three things as well but I never had much rhythm).  I bowled every Saturday morning of the school year for 10 years.  I was often the only girl on my team.  I owned my own ball (it had purple swirls), shoes, rosin bag, towel and bowling bag.  My average was 150 and my highest score was 225 - not bad.  I loved to bowl. 

Lawless Log Cabin

I am very excited to be teaching at the Super Spring Quilt Retreat April 7 - 10, 2010, in The Willow Creek Inn at Ephraim, Utah.  I just finished this sample for my Lawless Log Cabin quilt class.  The class is only 3 hours long so we won't have time to finish an entire quilt but I hope to give those who attend the skills to make blocks like these: or these. Anyone want to come out and play? You can register by clicking here.

Class Giveaway

A blog friend of mine is having a great giveaway on her blog .  You can win a place in her Joggles class .  Watch this video to get more information. I hope I win and if I don't I hope YOU do!