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Tortoise and the Hare

Because life around our house is so boring, my oldest daughter decided to pick up a few books from the library over her winter break. One of the many books was this delightful number we had heard lots of good things about: I don't know if she ever found the time to read it, but since she had checked it out with my library card and I was out of reading material, I decided I would hang on to it and give it a read. However before I started reading it I found another book laying around I wanted to devour and so the book lay waiting on my nightstand. I finally started reading it a week or so ago when I had to renew it with the library. It should be an easy read since it is only 314 pages of good sized print, and the story has been very enjoyable so far. However, I've only been reading about a chapter a night before my eyes refuse to read anymore. I'm sure this is due to too much time on the computer! Last Friday night as I lay in bed reading, my youngest daughter came

Cove Fort

Here are some of my favorite things from our little trip to Cove Fort on President's Day. There are a few more pictures on the side bar and there is a little button where you can see captions of those photos. This is one of my many photos of the entrance and exit to Cove Fort. I loved how you can see straight through to the back and the also see the trees inside. I read a tutorial about changing photos to black and white and then tinting them and I decided I had to give it a try. This was my attempt with a red tint. I tried blue, yellow, orange and turquoise but this red was my favorite. I took this photo because I loved the crockery, and the 5 lb loaf pans. Oh! Is that a coffee grinder on the mantle? There were also a lot of beautiful dutch ovens on the ground. I'm not sure why I love this stuff so much! I also love boxes and containers, and I had to get a close up of this sweet box. I don't know what it is for, but it looks like you could put a candle in it an

New Background

Recently I became very tired of the old background on my blog and decided to design something new. I came up with something similar in colors (since I love turquoise), and proceeded to install it into my blog. However, what I actually proceeded to do was make a mess of things! Thanks to a few emails with my dear friend, Ali , and a side remark in a video clip I found on youtube, I am now up and running. However in the process of messing everything up, I decided I didn't like the new background either and so I went back to Adobe Photoshop and designed something totally different! This one is in greens and browns. I love it. I still have to make the background as wide as the page - but I can fix that later - once I finish this post, there is sewing to do! In the meanwhile, take a moment to look over my new look and let me know what you think! If you are reading this through facebook, or an email, click on the link below to see what I am talking about. http://somethingclevera

Walking in Vaughn's shoes

A long time ago (about 26 years ago actually) in a land far far away (Jamaica to be exact) a beautiful maiden met a handsome-young-prince-of-a-man-with-an-awesome-British-Accent. Her beauty overwhelmed him; his accent and good looks made her swoon and the rest, so they say, is history. However, before this handsome-young-couple made history they met and became friends with Vaughn and Mary Soffe . Vaughn and Mary were lively, exciting, fun and loved everyone they met. They had come to the land far far away from a small corner of the world known as Murray, Utah, to serve a mission. Less than a year later, the handsome-young-couple traveled to Utah and married. Due to many circumstances beyond their control the handsome-young-couple found themselves unemployed and homeless in Utah. Vaughn and Mary quickly offered the handsome-young-couple a room in their delightful apartment above the Jenkins- Soffe Mortuary. The handsome-young-couple soon found jobs and their own delightful apartment j

I'm a Spring Gardener

A few years back a friend gave me this fun journal. Because I love to plan you would think that I had spent the last four years filling up every page! I suppose I had good intentions as the first year I started out with this diagram of what I would like to plant where. The next page dated May 19, 2005, journals what the weather was like that spring (very wet, causing the weeds to take over before I had a chance to get my hands into some semi-dry dirt (oops, I always tell the kids to call it SOIL, not dirt). I suppose I was writing this down so I could justify why I hadn't gone into the garden earlier in the spring! I also tell about my plans for what plants and supplies I need to purchase. Another page has a to-do list, and about 10 days later I made another entry telling that I had installed my drip system and the plants that were actually planted (not always the same as the plan), I also jotted in (without dates) notes to myself, telling me what I needed to do the next year: &q

I love PLANNING my garden

Perfect ideas. Planning. An ideal version of what I want to accomplish. *joyful sigh* I LOVE PLANNING. Everything is perfect in the planning stages. There are no weeds in my garden plans; no disease, no fungus, no critters or "bad" insects. There are only lovely bumble bees and lady bugs, a dozen varieties of beautifully ripening tomatoes and crisp green beans I eat straight from the vine. Perfectly sized (and in control) zucchini and cucumbers. *deep sigh of contentment* Today the snow is falling. It's beautiful as I sit in my nice warm kitchen and plan of a perfect spring. I might even get to plant my perfect garden once spring arrives. IF I get to the soil before the bind weed does.