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Spencer Nugent

Spencer Nugent is a very talented designer and artist. We first met when he was a child, and I was a twenty year old working as a nanny for another family in Jamaica. Thanks to the internet we have been able to connect again as adults. I have really enjoyed seeing his art work on Instagram @sketchadaydotcom   He is so creative, and talented. During the Pandemic Spencer decided to create lamps by upcycling bottles, and making fittings with a 3D printer. He had an outdoor show at his home. My daughter, husband and I took the opportunity to attend and marvel at his work. How the ideas began And how they came out The broken glass lamp on the right was my favorite! Due to the pandemic, we were nervous about being out and about but it was so nice to see Spencer's amazing art.

My Daughter's First Hand Quilted Quilt

 My youngest, AnnMarie, wanted to learn to hand quilt a few years ago. I took her to an expert, my friend Leigh, and she learned the basics. After digging through my UFO's she found a top she wanted to quilt and went to work! It's now finished! We are both very proud of her work!

Pandemic Style

The Covid-19 Pandemic meant isolation. Many people turned to Zoom to meet for work and socializing. The Art Cloth Mastery class I am taking with Jane Dunnewold, started a weekly zoom meeting to stay in touch, and to continue with our lessons. Top to bottom, left to right - Jane Dunnewold, Me, Jeri Pollack, Leanna Chase, Roberta Burnet, Nan Travers, Jane Bishop, AniFaye, Libby Williamson, Jo Russavage, Lorinda Freeman, and Kim Svoboda Having this community of like minded artists has made a big difference in my life.  Another of our weekly meetings. Another big change in life has been the wearing of masks, and lots of hand washing. Many people have been opposed to wearing a mask. They felt it invaded their civil liberties. I feel it's just the right thing to do to protect myself and others.   I started making masks back in March but I soon found a pattern I liked to make best, and so I have been making a lot of masks. Mostly for my family, but also a few friends too. Batik fabric has