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Collograph Printmaking Class

 The Utah Division of Arts and Museums Creative Aging Program in collaboration with South Salt Lake City Arts Council and Saltgrass Printmakers offered a Collograph Printmaking Class to people 55 and older. The class was being taught by one of my favorite printmakers, Stefanie Dykes , so I signed up immediately. It was six weeks of joyful making that flew by. We ended the class with a show at the Columbus center in South Salt Lake City. Stefanie Dykes Hi! It's me! Collograph is a process of printmaking where a textured plate is inked up and put through a printing press.  One of my first plates, created with paper and tape. It was inspired by the painting below. The bumpy packing paper I used for the circles. It came in a package my daughter-in-law received. My first print on a piece of shibori dyed raw silk I carved a stamp of hands sewing for my piece. I applied dry wall paste to a piece of book board and then pressed the stamp in to the paste. It held the image perfectly. I used