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Clam Shells

Another traditional pattern I love is clam shells.  I decided to give carving them a try.  I drew some designs and then tried carving them.  After carving a few I put them together. I love the pattern!  The problem with carving clam shells is that you end up with a lot of quarter circle left over pieces. I decided they needed to be carved. They are okay printed as circles, but I soon found they are even more interesting printed in ropes. These would be fun to print on fabric!

English Paper Piecing

I've always had a desire to try out English Paper Piecing with hexagons. I love the look of these quilts and wanted to give it a try. I watched a few of Sue Daly's videos about how to stitch them together, bought some stuff to work with and got busy.  I'm not sure what pattern I will stitch them together. Some sort of modern pattern?  A more traditional Grandmother's flower garden? Hmmm, who knows. The best part of sewing these hexi's is that I can still do it with a cat in my lap!

. . .Won't Be Going There Again. . .

The day after I got home from Calgary, my husband and I flew off to Tampa to attend the World of Quilts show and help out the Social Justice Sewing Academy there. The night before the show started we went out to dinner with Sara Trail, and Nancy Williams at Ulele , a Native-American inspired menu.   It was located next to the riverwalk and the grounds were beautiful.  The food was fabulous!  The dessert was even better.   This bacon ice cream was so good! The next morning, as I was getting ready to go to the Tampa Convention Center, the entire right side of my body went numb, so instead of the Convention Center we made our way to Tampa General Hospital. I was taken in immediately, given a CT scan, or was it an MRI? No stroke but they wanted to keep me and figure out what the problem was.  I was given the dreaded yellow socks indicating I was a fall risk.  And then hooked up to the leg squeezers, which I actually like. Wish I had a pair t