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More Watercolors

I should just forget about numbering the paintings because I can't count.  I get off track all the time. Ugh. Should be 37 - 45 but I forgot #44 so this is 37-43, and 45-46 And this is #44 that didn't make it to the grid. 47 - 55 56 - 63 because I counted 58 twice. I seriously can't count. Some of my watercolors take a lot of practice, and some are okay the first time around. Others I play with digitally to get an idea of what I should do with them. I have a lot more in my sketchbook than what I post. I usually only post what I like. I thought I'd share a few here on my blog, success and unsuccessful.  Sometimes it takes time for me to see any good in a painting. Giant lemons! lol Just playing I didn't trust myself to paint a hat on Mr. Sheep so I painted several on a separate page and digitally added it to his head for my instagram post. Practicing carnations Practicing bees and a hive.  Looks like a swarm. lol Playing with wax crayons, watercolor, and circles. Pra