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Brigham City Art Museum

I have met some of the best people through my quilt guild!  They are awesome and so talented too.  My friend Kaye Evans has a quilt show on display at the Brigham City Museum  until February 24th called "Tribute to Friendship: Quilting Round Robin."  A group from my quilt guild went up last week to admire the quilts and while we were there we had to visit the local quilt shop .  Kaye's exhibit was a display of about 50 quilts made with friends during various round robins.  Kaye has a great sense of style and color and I love the settings she used in many of the quilts.  I'll let the photos do the talking:


I am a big believer in "Done" lists instead of "To Do" lists.  Here is mine from last week.  I may have forgotten one or two items. Maybe. Follow New Daily Cleaning List: Check, Check, Check, Check, Check, Missed Saturday and I avoid cleaning on Sundays therefore missed that day too. Finish sewing together two charity quilts for Quilters Holladay: Check and Check   Ruin entry for Quilting Arts Calendar Challenge: Check   Finish sewing top of Love quilt (photos in March after voting): Check   Drive daughter back to her apartment before going to my QH meeting: Check Attend night meeting of Quilters Holladay, arriving late and leaving early because of driving children: Check Hand off Charity quilts for someone else to quilt: Check and Check Leave Meeting early to Drive another daughter and her friend home from Volleyball: Check Attend QH morning meeting and pick up more Charity quilts - these to be made for Haiti: Check Shop at Target for three

To Dye or Not to Dye

For a period of a little over 10 years I was a red head.  Not bright red but more of a strawberry dark blonde/light brunette.  The color worked well for me, so much so that when I decided to stop dying my hair and go back to my natural "dish water blonde" (as my Mom called it) people asked me "What happened to your red hair?"  I would laugh and tell them I stop dying my hair and they were always surprised.  Either that or they were all good actors. I was going to write a big long explaination about my latest ideas on hair dying but decided it's boring.  Suffice it to say I took the plunge again but with a different dye that is not permanant therefore it will wash out if I hate it! Not a big change but a change none the less. . . actually it looks like a bigger change than I realized in these photos. . . My daughter says I look younger. . .hmmmm a few years younger might not hurt.


Long story short: I finished piecing the tops of two UFO's today and now get to pass them on to someone else to quilt. Wahoo! And even though the photos make them look the same size the Butterfly quilt is actually about 1/3rd smaller than the funky colored quilt. And actually I belive I had my daughter holding this one upsidedown. So short story long: January 2009 I became president of my quilt group.  One of the duties of the president is to find someone to be in charge of helping the group make a quilt which is then donated to the Presbyterian church where we hold our day meetings.  The quilt is our donation to the church in exchange for the weekly meeting space.    The story of how the person came to be in charge is . . . complicated. . . and not exactly what she had in mind. . . but she ended up handing out pieces of a very pretty batik (the predominate color in the butterflies) and asked the members to make 8 1/2" unfinished blocks using the batik fabric and then turn th


I've been overthinking things lately.  Too much on my plate at one time perhaps.  I put together a little piece I call "Fresh Coconut" and I thought it needed a little something more.  I ended up giving it a LOT of something more and I don't like it as well now.  I think the photos show more of the paint than I see in person so I don't like the photos any better.  I may just start over. . . Before: After: Opinions?