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My friend Marilu made this wall hanging variation of my Down on the Farm quilt. I love the fabrics she used!

A Week Without Children

My two youngest went off to camp this week leaving my husband and I without children in the house.   A sneak peek into our near future. I thought I would have a lot of time to get my projects done but . . . well, time goes so fast! I did manage to accomplish a few things: #1 -  I transformed this old folding table. Before:  After:   Why yes, I did just throw a piece of pretty oil cloth on top and called it transformed.  Easiest project ever and you saw it here first.  I should write a tutorial. #2 - I recently purchased some stencils in preparation for my Summer Campish Class at Whimsy Cottage, so of course I had to spend hours playing with them. How else would I know if they would help me teach the class? I painted many pieces of fabric but forgot to photograph it. Oops.   I also also painted my shirt, fingers, elbow and bra. I'm pretty talented that way. #3 - I went out to dinner with my husband and oldest daughter who lives downtown. We had a wonderful time. Nothing like a li


We went dress shopping Saturday and one of my daughters found a cute number. I have taught my girls to dress modestly and this dress did not fit the modesty mold with no sleeves and a low back.  When she tried the dress on she knew she would be wearing it with a shirt underneath or a shrug on top.     Sadly, when we returned home the dress didn't look good with a shirt underneath or a shrug on top.  The dress could only be returned for store credit so I decided to try something wild.  The dress was long so I cut it to knee length and used the fabric to  make sleeves as well as . . .  a modest back. She is thrilled and so am I.

Fabric Markers

One of my talented children took some Crayola Fabric Markers and made some masterpieces.  The art work is from photos she saw online but the sizing and drawing are all her own. She used a disappearing ink marker to get everything drawn on just how she wanted it and then colored away.  The markers seem to be pretty juicy and they are inexpensive fun too.  She's a pretty talented little bugger! Next she wants to get a pair of white tennis shoes to decorate. She is easily entertained.

What 'cha doin'?

Just peeking in to see what you are up to. . . Anything fun?