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 My 100 days of Watercolor are complete. It's been a great learning experience and I know I need to learn a lot more in the future, but for now, this is done. Now I have a few other projects I need to get done within the next couple of weeks. More about that later. Here are the final pieces for my 100 day challenge. 90-98 I wanted to try faces from the very beginning of this challenge, but was a bit scared. I finally dipped my foot in by watercoloring one of the carved faces I created awhile ago. Then I worked up the courage to draw, and trace some faces and watercolor those.  99 The photo of this face actually had more detail in the shaded side but I went with an all out block out. I did play with the black a little and I can see some of the lines I made finishing the size of the head, and nose. I started painting him in "normal" caucasian skin coloring and felt like the tones were off, however once I went a little wild with the warm colors I felt the tones were right on

Watercolors - again.

Almost finished with this challenge!  64-72 73 - 80 - I think I counted wrong again! 81- 89 Did I say, I'm done yet? Because emotionally I am so done with this project. I just don't feel like I'm connecting and making good art any more. However, looking back at these thumbnails helps me to see they aren't as bad as I think. Just ten more days!