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It's Snowing

Should I dye?


My friend took this photo of the VA quilt when I showed it at church. It just needs a label and then it will be presented to Nick's family so that they can give it to the VA hospital in their son's honor.

Busy with "Stuff"

From looking at my blog it looks like I haven't been up to much because I havent' posted anything since I came home from the quilt retreat.  However I promise that I have been productive.  I am working on a pattern, my first published pattern, which will go on sale exclusively at Whimsy Cottage.  I'll post some pictures once it is finished.  I also finished quilting and binding my "Brotherly Love" quilt for a friend who was wounded in the military.  I will also post a picture of it once I take one.  I have mulling a few ideas around in my head - one for The 12x12 Project , whose current theme is "Green" and the quilt needs to be posted by Friday if I don't want to be late.  This means I need to actually take the ideas out of my head and put them onto fabric.  The other idea has been for a quilt challenge in which the prize is a new Bernina sewing machine.  My Babylock has been wonderful and isn't ancient, it's only 7, but it has a few issues

Had Myself a Ball in a Small Town

I attended and taught at my first quilt retreat last week and had a great time.  So much fun that I kept forgetting to take pictures!  Here are a few I did manage to take. . . Sandy and I stayed with our friend Sylvia and we took advantage of the beautiful weather by taking a very long walk up the "hill." This is my new buddy Peaty. He is very handsome! We had trunk shows during the lunch hours that were very inspiring.  I forgot to take pictures while Flora was showing her quilts.  This photo actually looks like Bonnie is saying "Oh My!" The new fabric company Riley Blake Designs came the next day and showed their fabrics as well as a trunk show of their quilter's past projects. Sandy took a fun class from Flora where she learned a slick way of making these diamonds. Sandy also taught three classes.  Sylvia taught a class called "Mended Hearts" She also taught us strip poker! Here are the strippers. . . We bet with strips of fabric and the high car

Something Ugly

Have you ever made something so Ugly that you hated it and wanted to throw it away but you had to enter it in a contest because it was all you had that fit the theme and the deadline was immdiate and you were committed to enter something?  I hope you are never in that position.  I am and did send a picture of the quilt doing what I could with the photo to help the colors.  And lest you think I am just being overly sensative, when I asked my children what I should call the quilt they gave me names like "Ugly Quilt" and "Scary Quilt."  If I'm brave enough I'll post a picture of the quilt once the voting is completed.

It Snowed

I dyed  =D Fuchia Red and Turquoise on the left and Forest Green and Turquoise on the right. Fabrics will be revealed later.