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Not Much, How 'bout You?

I feel like I've been making some art, but when I look at my photos (which is how I know what to write in my blog), it looks like I haven't done much of anything. I'm still hand quilting my giant orange piece, but I don't take photos while I quilt.  I'm still playing around in my sketchbook, but a lot of what I've done are background pages. I started a map in my sketchbook and my obsessiveness has made it a bit more detailed than my original idea. I didn't like a number of parts so gesso'd over those parts and started over. Thus I don't have much to show in the way of photos. Hopefully it will be done soon. Last week was Lunar New Year,  or as my Chinese-Jamaican Mother-in-Law likes to call it: "Chinese-Christmas-New Year." We had to do some shopping for the holiday. I love taking photos there. Where else will you find awesome waving cats? My Mother-in-law had her eye on the flowering artificial trees. She kept saying they would last a life