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Quilting Arts TV - Part 2

After the nervousness of filming was over, I was able to pack up my things and relax. My flight the next day wasn't until late in the afternoon so I spent the day at KS Productions to give support to Julie Booth and Susan Edmonson .  Susan did a fabulous job filming her segments.  Such beautiful pieces by Susan!  And of course, I LOVED her prayer flags.  As soon as Vivika saw them she called me over - "LOOK! They are so beautiful!"  I had to get photos so that I could post them over on The Prayer Flag Blog.   There are a few more over on the blog so be sure to pop over and see them. Susan Purney Mark , Julie Booth and I took a Printed Fabric Bee photo while Julie was waiting her turn.  Vivika referred to us as a swarm.  I look like a crazy woman.  Hahaha Finally it was Julie's turn to set up. Then a few promo shots.  Then time to film! And one last shot: Susan Brubaker Knapp's quilts waiting for her to film her workshop.  I just

Quilting Arts TV - Part 1

I have so many photos of my adventure to Quilting Arts TV that I decided to break it up into several posts. I hope you don't mind!  I had a fabulous time, especially once I completed my three segments and got past the nervousness. Everyone at KS Productions , where the show is filmed, was fantastic!  Everyone there really goes out of their way to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.  I really hated to leave.   Well, enough of my gabbing - on to the photos! The adventure began when I took a train. . .  . . .plane. . .  . . .and fancy schmancy automobile to KS Productions in Solon, Ohio. I drove straight to the studio from the airport. I had to get my things organized for filming the next day.   Laura Wasilowski and Frieda Anderson   were getting ready to film with host, Susan Brubaker Knapp , when I arrived. Laura and Frieda are two of the nicest people you will ever meet!  They made filming look like a piece of cake!  After ironing all o

Artist Party!

After my visit to Artistic Artifacts I went to a party with some great DC artists at Judy Gula's house.  We had a small swarm of Printed Fabric Bee members: Judy Gula , Julie Booth and me. Front Row:  Linda Gower Snow ,   Bonnie Ruetenik , Judy Gula, Julie Booth and me. Back Row: Cyndi Souder  and Christine Vinh A crazy time was had by all!

Artistic Artifacts

Last week, while I was in DC, I stopped at Artistic Artifacts .  Artistic Artifacts is a quilt/mixed media shop and it was HEAVENLY!  I got there a little late in the day and really didn't have the time to inspect everything closely.  I know I will be returning when I am in the DC area. Let me give you a little tour of the shop:   ^^^ Panorama shot from the front of the shop.  Beautiful batiks. Gorgeous papers. I'm still kicking myself that I didn't buy some of Seth Apter's stamps. I don't know if the sewing machines are for sale or just for show but I LOVE them! Lots and lots of beautiful paints. I bought a nice selection to try out. ^^^These cigar boxes remind me of my grandfather. Folding yardsticks!  Lovely vintage photos to include in your art work.  LOTS and LOTS of Tjaps for batiking or enjoying. And a great big wall of stencils. And this is just a small part of the shop.  I didn't take ph