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Wishes of Health For The World

In 2014, I created a webinar on how to make Shibori and stenciled Prayer Flags.  These flags have been hanging in my front yard tree ever since. And despite the faded colors, the flags have held up well. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, I decided it was time to create new flags to send my wishes of health and calm to the world through the winds. I used hand dyed fabrics, an acrylic paint pen, and some of my hand carved stamps.  If you would like to make some to brighten your world, I've created a tutorial below. The blue flags at the bottom are my newest flags. Supplies: Fat Quarter of fabric - (18"x22") hand dyed, solid or a print. All of them will work! Acrylic paint pen such as Posca , or a Sharpie marker Stamps, hand carved or commerical * Stamp pad, such as VersaCraft which stays on Fabric * 4 yards of Ribbon - my favorite to use is a 1/4" grosgrain Sewing machine, or hand needle and thread *only if you aren't using a print fa