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For Frances

Frances Holliday Alford celebrated a big number birthday this year and asked her Facebook friends to send her a 6" quilted square.  I am pushing the deadline!  Frances was born under the sign of the Rooster and I decided I would create a rooster stencil to put on my block.  I drew the rooster and then used my white pen to create some bridges within the drawing for a stencil. I imported it into the  Silhouette Software and cleaned it up quite a bit before cutting it out of freezer paper. I wanted a red rooster on a piece of blue moon Gelli® printed fabric.  This was my first time using one of my Liquitex paint markers on fabric.  It was very easy to use! The paint wasn't as opaque as I had hoped for though. The rooster just didn't stand out as much as I had hoped. I could have ironed the stencil back on and painted again with a more opaque paint but I decided to go another direction. I love this sunflower Gelli® printed fabric.  The sunflow

Prayer Flag Collection

Interweave is offering my webinar: Creating Prayer Flags using Sun Shibori and Stencils , as a part of their Prayer Flag Collection again.  This collection has sold out quickly each time it has been offered.  I have been told that they will be making up new kits as they sell this time so even if it shows up as sold out you can go ahead and order.  It is also marked down in price so if you have been waiting to order, now is the time to order!

Designing My Own Digitally Printed Fabric

I love making my own fabric using all kinds of surface design techniques. You could say that it is a passion of mine.  Last week I was out of town, and I needed to create some art.  I had micro pens and a sketchbook with me but I needed something more.  I decided it was time to explore digital design.  I purchased Jane Dunnewold 's eworkshop " Design and Print Your Own Fabric"  and her companion ebook, " Tips and Techniques for Successful Online Fabric Design ."  (no affiliate links! no sponsorship here - just my own honest review) Jane has such a calm personality.  I always feel inspired when I watch her and she makes me feel like I can do anything.  Her Workshop was informative and took me step by step through creating designs using my art,  Spoonflower and PicMonkey. By putting all the designs into one Collection in Spoonflower, I was able to order 15 swatches for a deal.  Swatches are usually $5 each, but by ordering all of the fabrics in a Collecti