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Merry Christmas to All

And to all a good night. . .

Cracked Up

There are so many awful things in this world to worry about:  Famine Slavery Wars Poverty Unjust Governments Tornados Earthquakes Tsunami's There is so much that needs to be fixed but yet right now I am selfishly grieving the loss of my laptop. This isn't a photo of my computer but it resembles the carnage that occurred when the laptop slipped from my hands yesterday.  I have been in a funk ever since and am doing my best to put the whole situation into perspective. There could be worse things going on in my life. I have a desktop I can use (if I can get my teenagers off of it). It is only a machine afterall. A machine that has a lot of my life on it. Thankfully that memory is all intact, it's only the viewing of the memory that is difficult.  I can connect the laptop to a moniter and use it as a desktop but it is still a loss I am working through.  I'm not ready to replace my beautiful red laptop yet but I will work through this and move on.

Star Challenge

This year's Quilter's Holladay guild challenge was "One Star, few star, red star, blue star" or in other words, "Make a star quilt."  We had 10 beautiful entries.  Part of the fun of a challenge is not knowing who made which quilt, but when you've been in the guild for a little while you learn about a person's favorite color choices and the techniques that they like to use most and so you can make a pretty good guess at who the creator is.   I did pretty good at guessing this year but there was one which surprised us all.  More about that later.   Let's start with the first place winner . . . drum roll please. . . . Kaye Kaye likes bright colors and is so technically spot on with all of her projects.  These were little pieces and they were pieced perfectly. The second place winner was. . . .Nan Nan is one of the few who hand quilts still.  She has a great sense of color and beautiful stitches.  Ugh, my brain has gone blank as to who made this l

A Keeper

I've been busy trying to get Christmas presents made, which means I have a number of things made that cannot be posted here.  However among the Christmas deadline I also have other sewing deadlines I can share.  One is this Scrappy Zigzag quilt top I am hoping to teach at a retreat in the spring:  I will be adding one more black border before I quilt it.  I love the bright colors against the black background and for a real change of pace, I think it will be staying at my house.

In the Dark

We've had some big wind storms here in Utah last week. There were several trees that went down because of the wind being so strong.  One in particular caused our local power to go out at 4:30 a.m.  My girls were very disappointed that there was still power at the school.  After I sent them off to school I sat in the dark with a candle and suddenly noticed the beautiful patterns that were being cast by the candle.  I had to take photos.  Just a typical jelly jar with a grape motif.  But the designs were delightful The power was out all day and once the sun was up I crawled back into bed with a good book and snuggled down.  I was suppose to be cleaning and sewing but as I had been sick with a stomach bug the day before I thought it was a great excuse to spend some down time with the cats.  They didn't mind a bit. This is one of the many trees that came down in my neighborhood. This beautiful blue spruce which came up by the roots, was in my backyard neighbors yard.  The amazing

New Book

I know it's almost Christmas and I really shouldn't be buying things for myself but. . . I guess I will just be on Santa's naughty list.  After the Zentangle class my friend, Dawn, wanted to learn Zentangle using a book and there weren't any Zentangle books in the library.  We were shocked. We decided we should order some from the local bookstore: The Kings English.    She got this one on the basics and I bought this newer one. The books came in yesterday and Dawn picked them up for us.  I excitedly gave a quick look through and I am very happy about what is inside. I've been sick all week and unable to work on anything which has really put me behind on my projects.  Why are there so many deadlines in December?  (Sing that to "Why are their so many songs about rainbows " - it works nicely, not as pleasant but you know. . .)  So I guess I will have to put this new selfish purchase aside and get back to the grindstone.  I promise myself I will read and play