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 I had a big birthday this year: 60 years. My sister wanted it to be an especially fun birthday so she planned a fun weekend for the two of us. I flew to California and we went to San Francisco, one of our favorite cities to celebrate. We stayed in a beautiful little VRBO apartment in Mill Valley. My sister brought her cat too. We all had a wonderful time. We shopped at Dharma Trading Company , or rather I shopped, my sister watched. We ate well. And of course had to add lot of treats. We had delicious Cruffles at Sift. Especially loved the brownie Cruffle. I would definitely buy it again. Had my usual nausea riding the hills. Shopped at Flax Art Supply . Lots of beautiful books, bags and all the art supplies. My sister made the best chicken parm.. .  . . . And a homemade German's Chocolate Cake! My favorite!!! We spent a perfect day at Stinson Beach . . . . . with all the birds We had a good time naming them and giving them each their own voice. This is 60! There were a few other

Roe v. Wade

 On  June 24, 2022, Roe v. Wade was overturned by the US Supreme Court leaving access to an abortion up to individual states. Many states have still opted to protect reproductive rights, and the right to an abortion, while others have totally banned abortions. It's a right that was fought for 50 years ago and is now gone. There have been many demonstrations and pushes to protect  One of my quilt friends, Maria Shell, decided to make a Reproductive Rights Community Quilt called The United States of Uterus, and asked individuals in each state of the United States to make a block. She asked me, and I was happy to contribute. The quilt is still in progress but she has all the blocks she needs. I look forward to seeing the completed quilt. I decided to make a design that I could screen print on fabric and then do some stitching on top. I designed the image in Photoshop and sent it to my friend, Stefanie Dykes at Saltgrass Printmakers. She made a silk screen for me and then taught me how