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The Printed Fabric Bee

My friend, and co-founder of The Printed Fabric Bee,  wrote a wonderful article in the latest issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.   I was very excited to see some of the fabrics our members have created for the group themes.  I was also excited to see my own fabrics printed!!!  The Printed Fabric Bee has been a great learning experience for me and helped me to stretch my creativity to new heights.   Here is a link to the December 2014/ January 2015 issue:  Quilting Magazines Let me know what you think of the article once you read it!

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I had a fabulous idea to create a beautiful card for my friend from a Gelli Print. I kept putting it off and putting it off and then Cloth Paper Scissors posted a card tutorial by  Tammy Northrup that I fell in love with!  Follow the link above to see what I had in mind. I thought that rather than flicking paint at a blank piece of card stock, I would start out by stamping some color with my 3"x5" Gelli Plate.  This was very pretty. I wanted the bottom to be a green or yellow so I brayered a bit of yellow at the bottom so that I could splatter green over the top for the grass and flowers.  This wasn't so pretty.  I had a hard time splattering until I found the right paint brush to get my splatters just right.  Once I did the method worked perfectly but I was tired and it was taking awhile to cover the yellow with the green.  Finally I decided it was time to start over. For my next attempt I laid down a mask.  The dog mask was from a stencil I had cre


My friend, Lynn Krawczyk , has designed a beautiful new fabric line called Inked  from Red Rooster Fabrics. I had the opportunity to play with the lovely new fabrics and make a few samples for Lynn to take to Quilt Market.  I had to wait until after Market to blog about them and I'm very excited to finally share what I created with her lovely fabrics! Ms. Chicken was made with a free pattern I found online  here . I also made two Faux Cathedral Window pincushions.   The very easy pattern is found here .  I love these pincushions because I feel like they are a fun way to show off a variety of fabrics!  I really like the hand printed look of Lynn's new line! I'm now plotting out a quilt top I think will look great with these fabrics.  

Science Giveaway

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to head up the canyon and spend time working in my friend Timmy's studio.  The day was perfect! I decided to use my time to work on my piece for The Printed Fabric Bee . October's Queen Bee was Jackie Lams of Studio Lams and her theme was Science. I decided to create some drawings of different things as they look at a cellular level.  I created a thermofax screen of blood cells, brain cells, onion skin cells and eucalyptus leaf cells. I tried them all out on paper before I moved to fabric. Once I decided which screens would work best,  I pulled out a piece of ice dyed fabric as my base. I really liked the look of the onion skin cells. They almost look like an old brick wall. The blood cells and eucalyptus leaf cells designs seemed too heavy  so I chose to use the brain cells in turquoise. I made a very large piece of fabric. I only needed a 12x12" and 6x6" piece. I'm sure I can figure


Congratulations to Bethany Garner ! The winner of  Cecilia Swatton's new line of  Kaleidoscope Stencils  from Artistcellar! Bethany, check your email and send me your mailing address.