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Presto Chango Jelly Roll Quilt

I made this jelly roll quilt after watching a video on line from Missouri Quilt Company.   My friend, Nancy, put together a  jelly roll of bright and lovely Jane Sassaman fabrics  from the quilt shop and within an hour I had a quilt top.  Another hour and it was quilted and then it was promptly hung at the quilt shop. When I got the quilt back last week I decided I wanted to switch it up a bit. So after a chop here and a chop there: I have a reversible quilt. What do you think?  

Whimsy Crazy

I'm really not sure where this week went or what I have done. I do remember yesterday though. I worked. The quilt store I have worked at for the last 5 years is closing.  The owner is retiring and riding off into the sunset.   The discounts just got bigger yesterday and so we had a busy day.   Leaving us with messy shelves . . . And beautiful piles of ribbon and fabric to ring up for customers.   It might be a bit hard to tell from these photos but the fabric is disappearing.  My heart breaks a little more every time I work. I have loved working with Nancy, Dana and the Karen's (as well as those who have retired from the store in the past).   I have also loved our customers.  We have the best customers.  They are fun to visit with and make some of the most beautiful projects.   There are some customers who seem to be coming everyday during the closing sale, just to see if we are still around.   And we are - at least for the time being.

Show & Tell

During the Spring Retreat the group made 20 or more of these mitered corner baby receiving blankets to give to a local charity.  They are so easy and cute too.  I need to keep an eye out for flannel and make a stack to have around for baby showers.  The last day of the retreat is always a show and tell and as usual I didn't pull my camera out until part way through!  Here is a journal cover someone made in my Midnight Madness class. Lots of fun quilts made over this past year:  This little guy kept us entertained throughout the retreat. A gorgeous quilt top made in Bonnie's class.  Flower on left Alice made in Sandy's class. Alice also made a piece of lovely redwork in Charlotte's class. Beautiful butterfly quilt top Julie made in Flora's class.   Julie made a memory quilt for each of her children from her husband's shirts, along with a few other blocks and photos transferred onto the fabric using TAP.  She took my photo

Tangling with Friends

Last week I had the privilege of going to a Spring Quilt Retreat for four relaxing days.  I stayed at my friend's house on the first day and I introduced them to the art of Zentangle.

Spring Retreat

Part of my retreat is time spent at my friend Sylvia's house. And I always need to get new photos of her beautiful "puppies" Eddie and . . . Peaty We took a hike up the canyon and did a little geocashing . We left a marble as well as our names. Eddie & Peaty had a great time exploring! And I did much better on the "long" trek this year. My knees are doing better. A view of the valley below. And then it was off to Fairview for the real fun! We made some charity quilts when we first arrived. This class was going on while we were making some charity quilts. Beautiful!!! There was also a bag class going on.  Forgot to sneak in a photo of the bags.  They were a nice big size and beautiful. And there was some cuddling going on too with this adorable guy. I taught my Photo Transfer class  Sylvia felt the need to hide.  The sunset was lovely so I had to run out and take a photo.