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Carve & Print

It's here!   The article I wrote for Quilting Arts Magazine has been published and my copy is here! It is moments like these when I am listed alongside artists I admire, that I feel humbled. There are so many talented people out there (just check social media!).  How did I get here? How did I get lucky enough to be a part of this publication? Luck might be a part of it, but It has also been a lot of work too.  Work I have enjoyed immensely. I am grateful to be a part of this fiber community.   Keiko is now famous with her photo featured in my studio article. She is a big part of my studio! I'm not sure which editor wrote the article about my studio but I really like what she wrote. I sent in answers to some questions and then she made it all sound fabulous.   I am also excited to share my process of creating a repeating pattern stamp. I look forward to seeing what designs people create. And out of the entire magazine this page surprised me the most:

Spring Clean Blog Hop

Cheryl Sleboda's call to clean each spring is always needed in my studio. The piles seem to form all by themselves somehow, but cleaning them all up is my job. Sheesh, where does this stuff all come from! Perhaps unpacking from one trip and packing for the next? But on the bright side. . . What the heck is this piece of plastic for?  Do I keep it or toss it? If I toss it, I will surely need it tomorrow. I made it useful again by wrapping some binding around it. It is always so nice to have a clean surface again! Keiko (far left) approves. They just invite me in to dig in and get some work done. Come visit the rest of the blogs on this clean up crew to get your own inspiration. April 23 – Lori Crawley Kennedy – April 24 – Jennifer Thomas – April 25 – Robin Koehler – April 26 – Andi Barney-   https://www.andibarney.c