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Ding, Ding, Ding!  We have a winner!  Sister Babcock guessed San Francisco correctly.  Too bad there isn't a prize. We weren't there very long but we did our best to pack in a few activities. We went to the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market at the Ferry building. Where the girls found this woman and fell in love with her braclets. She custom made a few for them and their friends. She was very fast and it was facinating to watch her work. I wish I had taken photos of the food stalls but there were so many people there and I was busy searching for fruit to have in our cobbler the next day.  We tasted some fabulous peaches and strawberries. Our view from the parking lot was fabulous so we had to take some pictures. And while we were looking out we saw a group of people running with backpacks and the girls were certain they were Amazing Race Contestants! We will see if they go through San Francisco next season. In the meantime I have some beautiful models of my own!

Some Hints

There was a windmill, Bison crows a beach, family, fun, and fabulous food. (really fabulous food!) Any guesses?

Where in the world was I?

I've been gone for a bit and sadly I didn't have the internet access I thought I would so i wasn't able to blog about my trip while I was there.  Now I'm behind and it's late and I really need to sleep in my own bed.  So as a teaser . . . can you guess where I was from this photo?  And it's not fair guessing if I already told you where I was headed.  I hope to be back soon with more photos and stories.

May Blossoms

Finished up these two cutes today to take to work.   My friend and co-worker, Sandy, knit the adorable hat and pocket and I made the dolly's.  This picture just doesn't do the hat justice.  It has these very cute little balls on each corner.  They are from two patterns made by May Blossom .  The one with the cute hat is from the "Humbug Macaroons" pattern and the one in the pocket is from the "Pocket Petunias" pattern.

Pockets to Go

Finished making this cute Adkinson Design's pattern the other day. Spaceous little thing. Two zippered pockets on the outsides (only one on my sample because I forgot to bring home two zippers) and lots of little and big pockets inside.  Went together easily enough too.  Adkinson Design's always does a great job with their patterns.  They did forget to tell you to cut fabric for the binding on the sides of the cube but it was easy to figure out.  Guess I should drop them a line and let them know about the mistake for future printing. Too bad this has to go to Whimsy Cottage and act as a display.  It really holds everything quite nicely. Guess I will have to making another one for home.  It will be added to my LONG to-do list.

13 going on . . .

 My babies turned 13 last week. Looking at old photos makes me miss those baby days. . .     . . . they were so adorable!   But they were pretty exhausting days for all of us. . . and we have all aged a bit too. haha Each new stage has had it's challenges and joys. I did take photos of some of the challenges but I can't seem to find them right now. Besides I like looking at the joys. And the silliness. . . Can't wait to see what the future has in store!