Quilt National

My husband and I took a red-eye flight to Columbus, Ohio, and then drove the one hour to Athens, Ohio, to attend the opening of the Quilt National quilt show where my piece, Wild Flowers was being shown. Made a stop at Tim Horton's, a Canadian chain for some delicious breakfast sandwiches and donut holes. We went to the Kennedy Art Museum, on the Ohio University campus. This is the side of the building. Photo of the front of the building from the website. The building was designed in the 1860s by Cleveland architect Levi Scofield, and was originally part of the Athen's Lunatic Asylum. It opened in 1996 as the Kennedy Museum of Art. There were some lovely prints, paintings and exhibits. It didn't take long to tour, which was good for my knees. I was glad to be able to see this Elizabeth Catlett print. I admire her work. I've seen some of her her other prints in person, and was anxious to also see this one. Friday evening, the Quilt National show opened, and

Absolutely Nothing

 May has felt like a slow month art wise.  I feel like I've done absolutely nothing, but I guess I have done stuff. Call it play, experimenting, practice, whatever. Trying out new stencils in my sketchbook. Playing with someone's TikTok tutorial. Wish I could remember who it was. Coloring for hours while talking to customer service trying to figure out what happened to the website I manage for the Utah Surface Design Group. Turned out we were hacked. Malware. Sigh. I'm now spending hours rebuilding the site. Had to start from scratch. Fortunately I found the pre-built theme I'd used before so it wasn't as much work as it could have been. And yes, I did have a backup, but that's a whole other story. It's looking almost back to normal! I just need to upload the gallery photos. My evenings are being spent in front of the TV working on blocks for the Social Justice Sewing Academy. This is one of 12 blocks I have. I bought myself a new

I'm a Madness

 I made a very quick trip up to Portland, Oregon, last month to attend Art and Soul's 20th Anniversary retreat. It was wonderful to see everyone and be able to take a class too. Libby Williamson, me, Jill Berry, and Liz Kettle There are always lots of great treats around with Libby and Michelle Banton. (And one might say that Libby ad Michelle are treat all by themselves. Too corny???) And of course we are never short on bright ideas! I took a one day class on making Altered Books from Renee Richetts.  Our books started off with a Little Golden Book. Mine was called "I am a Reindeer." It has taken a few weeks of off and on work to complete my book.  Here's a video of the finished book and then some close up photos for further inspection. You can also click this link to see the video on my YouTube channel. I wasn't sure what to do about the original author and illustrator's name, so I left them and added: Altered By: Lisa Chin. Seems right to give the origin