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Digital Painting

Playing with simple shapes to practice some digital painting in Procreate. I love how you can save a video of your drawing being created! More work to do.

Stamp Book Project

I rescued a very old contracts law book from the recycle bin at the library recently and have decided to use it as a portfolio for my hand carved stamps. I love the way the designs look printed over the words in the book. Mister is always willing to supervise a new project.  These aren't all the stamps,  but I am getting there. Fortunately there is still a lot of room in the book!

More Procreate Doodles

 Working on getting this digital drawing down.

Bojagi Fusion

I am teaching a class called Bojagi Fusion at the Art and Soul Retreat next February in Portland Oregon, and am working on more samples. They are so difficult to photograph, but hopefully these photos give you an idea of the layers of silk organza, raw silk fabric, skeleton leaves and Angelina . The lack of bright light lets the skeleton leaves show through a bit in this photo.  It was a bit windy while I was photographing.  The little strands of sparkle are from the Angelina.  I hope to see you in Portland!