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A Beautiful Day for Sunbathing

The mountains could be seen clearly from my backyard today. . . but I was more interested in my sunbathing neighbor. Do you see him? His name is Cougar and  he was taking full advantage of the rays today. Another lesson I can learn from cats. . . enjoy the sun while it shines!


I spent a busy Saturday helping to pack up the quilt shop I work in.  There were many people who worked even harder on Sunday and moved all the fabric and boxes to the new location.  Monday I went in and helped unpack for just a short little while and then I made a video tour of the shop to put on the store website.  I thought I would share the video here to:


Guess what Mister Eko? "What, Mom?" I won some of  Ty Pennington's fabric from Cloth Paper Scissors ! "No Way!"  Way! And it arrived in the mail today!  Want to check it out? "It's pretty and it smells good too.   Hey Keiko, come here!" "Are you going to make something for me, Mom? It goes so nicely with my fur." Ummmm, maybe not. . . . . .I'm thinking this is all for me. All 6 yards. Thank you Cloth Paper Scissors!


I can't show the whole quilt because it's a present for someone very special but I couldn't help showing a little peek because I'm so excited about how beautiful it is coming out!  Of course the fuzzy phone photo isn't much of a peek but I'm afraid that is all I can show for now.

Lazin' About

These past couple of days have been anything but Lazy for me, but I'm glad that Keiko gets to enjoy some down time.  She is such a sweetheart.


I have finally updated the "My Quilt" and "Sewing Project" pages which can be accessed by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page.  Have a look and check back once in awhile as  I will try to keep them updated.  I'm also working on a couple of tutorials to post as new pages.

Mod Kid Kyoko

A new sample for Whimsy Cottage's  new location.   I am really pleased with the way this little dress came out. The Mod Kid pattern was very easy to follow and went together quickly.  I traced the pattern, cut it out and stitched it together in just 3 1/2 hours.  It might take someone a little longer if they don't know how to make  their own bias tape.  I also used just one fabric for the bottom instead of the 6 panels which would require a few more seams.

Another Winter Day

I love Spring Snows. Especially since I have a husband who loves to shovel!

How to Get from England to Cali in One Afternoon

Did you ever play the telephone game in grade school?  One person whispers a phrase into a second person's ear and that person whispers what they heard to a third person and so on and so forth.  Often what the last person hears is very different from what the first person said.  Our Telephone Quilt Challenge is much like this game.  My friend Sylvia started this challenge January, 2010, by recruiting 6 other quilt artists.  Sylvia took a photograph and shared it with Anne , who made a quilt inspired by the photo.  Anne then shared her quilt with Helen, who made a quilt inspired by Anne's quilt, and so on and so forth.  No one but Anne and Sylvia saw the original photo until yesterday.  Yesterday was the big reveal party where we enjoyed food, friendship and beautiful art quilt pieces. Sylvia's original photo is of some interesting sculpture in Chichester, England: Which inspired Anne's quilt: It's easy to see the cyclist in Anne's quilt when you've seen t