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Carve December 21-31

Day 21- Steampunk-ish? Day 22 - A Tulip from Above  Day 23 - Tulip wreath Day 24 -  A Couple Murders of Crows Day 25 - A day of Peace Day 26 - Roses Day 27 - A Diamond Repeat Day 28 - Random Circle Day 29 - Hexagon Tulip Day 30 - Leafy Hexagon  Day 31- The End   And here are all the stamps I created for Carve December 2018

Carve December Day 15-20

The theme for Day 15 was "Dicey." Yikes, what does dicey mean? Of course my first thoughts went literal to a pair of dice. Next I started thinking about different dangerous things. I was chatting with my friend, Judy Tucker , while trying to figure out what to create. I doodled a goose, as approaching a goose can be dicey, but her feet were weird. Judy asked if she did ballet, and so I gave her some point shoes! Day 16 was "Fruit." All I had was a black stamp pad so I wrote the name of my fruit on the fruit, just so there was no doubt. I really like this whispy font. When I got home I stamped the lemon out with yellow, and a mix of yellow and orange. Day 17 was Miss Goose staying fit dancing. I think I may need to make more dancing geese. Day 18 was what I am calling a "Moon Flower" because it was created using a moon shape. Amazingly it made it all the way around! Day 19 - Shockingly, the ey

Quiltfolk Magazine - Utah

I first discovered Quiltfolk while at Craft Napa, and while in Houston I decided it was time to subscribe. It is a quarterly, ad-free magazine, which tells the stories of the people behind the quilts.  The stories are wonderful and the photos gorgeous! Each issue concentrates on one state. I received my first issue in the mail, issue 9, and low and behold it was about Utah! As I flipped through the pages I noticed that one of the articles was about the Springville quilt show where my friends and I enter some of our quilts every year. I flipped to the article wondering if any of my friend's quilts were pictured. I was shocked to see MY QUILT "Letting Go," on page 105, and there is my name too! I was giddy! Such an unexpected joy! And then I discovered my friend, Anne Munoz' quilt, "Weather Forecast." !!! Anne is a good friend, and mentor. She taught me how to dye fabric and inspires me continually. I look forward to

Spiderman likes Half Square Triangles

This kid, my grandson, has loved Spiderman for at least half his life. He has many Spiderman costumes, masks, web sprayers, action figures, posters, bed spread, sheets, etc. etc.  So it was about time I make him his own Spiderman quilt. My friend, Sylvia, found this great Spiderman fabric a number of years ago and after I found  a Spiderman panel, I finally put it all to good use. Have you ever tried the BlocLoc rulers for half-square triangles? I first saw one of the rulers while teaching in Virginia Beach, and knew I needed one. Once it arrived though I wasn't using it correctly. I went to YouTube and found a very helpful video here . There is also a BlocLoc  video online for left handers.  My ever faithful helper, Mister. After a false start and many delays, the quilt top finally came together and went off to the long arm quilter.   The backing is a wonderful black Spiderman flannel. I love the square design Vicky used to quilt. It echoed the

Carve December Days 11- 14

Sometimes the best plans just don’t work out.  I wasn’t a fan of how this stamp printed for Day 11, so it was put aside and another created. Better. The berries aren't as neat as I had hoped but it was acceptable. Day 12 was a simple weirdo circle garbage stamp. Day 13 was time to add a few more lower case letters to my alphabet. Day 14 found me on a trip to visit my children and grandchildren. I remembered the rubber and carving tools but forgot to bring a ruler and circle stencil. I use these a lot to help me line things up on my pattern stencils. Without them I had to eyeball the design and hope it lined up. Sometimes I surprise myself! Are you following Carve December on Instagram? Lots of great creations!

Winner Winner!

Congratulations to Janice Smith! You are the winner of Jenny's wonderful book!  I have emailed you, please email me with your address.