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Flower Stamps

My friend, Anneliese , created this lovely drawing and  allowed me to use her drawings as inspiration for a few stamps.  I thought it would be fun to create a repeating pattern from one part of the drawing.  A lovely flower and star. A design I wouldn't have come up with without Anneliese's inspiration.

Itajime Dyeing with the Weaver's Guild

 I had the privilege of teaching Itajime Shibori Dyeing to a local Weaver's Guild.    They are an amazing group of talented artists.   The day was perfect for dyeing.  Temps in the low 80's and no wind (until we had finished dyeing).  The group decided they wanted to dye cotton dish towels and totes .  The results were fabulous! I will be teaching a longer version of this class at the Utah Quiltfest on September 22nd. Come join me! Or contact me if you are interested in setting up a class with your group.

The Ocean is Growing

I can't seem to stop making fish stamps. My ocean continues to grow. Oh NO! Great White Sharks! Don't worry they are nice sharks. "Fish are friends, not food!" This happy fish was created from a small scrap of EcoKarve.   He is just an inch square.  These Bocaccio rockfish are my largest fish stamps at 6.5" x 3" each. So why am I making all these fish stamps? Because I can. However, I do see them showing up on some of my fabric very soon. I'm going to use them to create some fabric on Spoonflower.  I'll post all about it once it is done and available for purchase!  Keep your eyes open!

Teaching Schedule

Just a note to let you know I now have a new workshop page on my blog.  Find out where and when I will be teaching next! If you have wanted to learn to carve stamps from me and are in the Portland area, or you just want a reason to go to Portland, come join me at the Art and Soul Retreat next February!  I will be teaching two different stamping classes (a basic carving class , and a  carving pattern stamps  class), as well as a class on SunLess Printing and Bojagi Fusion .  Registration is now open!