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Reduction Printing at SaltGrass Printmakers

Decided to work on my carving skills by taking a printmaking class at SaltGrass Printmakers with Stefanie Dykes . The SaltGrass Printmaker studio is awesome. This was my original drawing for the reduction print. Before we started our reduction prints, we created some art cards to trade. Stefanie showing how to ink up the lino,  and then how to line up the paper to print. My print is the purple hippo in the center. A week later we started printing our first layer of the reduction print. And then time to carve off more. And the second printing. The class was over before I could finish. I will have to go back next year to finish up! A few of my classmates finished their pieces and they were magnificent! I learned a lot from being around other printmakers and I really look forward to returning!

Stay Pawsitive

Crafting a Life llc is doing a fund raiser called "Stay Pawsitive" with all proceeds going to  Friends for Life Animal Rescue.  The 6" square pieces of art will be sold for $30 each at Craft Napa in January.  I created a hippo stamp, Fiona, to add to my animal stamps. . .  . . . and then stamped and quilted my puffy fish. . .  . . . Fiona. . .   . . . and Keiko on to my hand dyed and printed fabrics.

Cat drawing and Stamp

I used the iPad Pro to create a drawing of Keiko,  add some doodles, and experiment with color a little bit. I also used a drawing to create a stamp of Keiko.