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Free Hand Embroidery Garden

FYI: In an attempt to catch up the blog with the last year AND stay up to date, I'll be attempting two short posts a week. One that will show what I am currently working on, and one that will be back dated. Hope it doesn't confuse anyone too much  (myself included!) During the Pandemic I couldn't concentrate on the projects I should have been working on. I still felt the need to do something productive, even if it had nothing to do with what I "should" be doing. I used my birdie stamps as inspiration for a garden embroidery on Essex Linen .  First stamped birdie embroidered, and flower garden begun. I had no idea where I was headed. I stitched whatever felt right. All the pretty colors. Wonderfil Perle Cotto n, 8 wt. Although things were locked down a bit, I still chauffeured my daughter to her doctor appointments and waited in the car. I needed something to keep my hands busy. About a month after I started, I decided it was done. For some reason I really love the