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Sketchbook Flip Through

And here are all the pages. Time to go make more.  

Sketchbook Part 8

This will be the last post with sketchbook photos.  I will do one more post with a video of the entire sketchbook.  These are a few fun random pages I think this would be a really fun wall paper. Love this color combination. Trying to come up with 15 different patterns can be surprisingly difficult. Thank goodness for Pinterest. This page started out completely in the shades of brown and it reminded me of a calico cat, so I blacked out everything that wasn't the cat, and put them on a pink and black quilt. This page is an example of times when you need to walk away. After I finished the pages, I really hated the left side, and loved the right side. I was very tempted to paint over the left side, and make it more like the right. I decided to step away and now I have decided it is all well and good together. An attempt at giving the circles some shape with pattern. Some are more rounded than others. It's fun to draw designs along a line and then fade out the background. Lots of f