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Stamp Carving and More

I have been so tired lately! Too many late nights arting. I thought I better take a minute to blog a quick update on what I've been doing in all those late night party sessions.  First off, I am working on an online class for the Fiber Arts Connection .  So far the class is titled: Hand Carving Stamps for Fabric Design.  We'll see how that title holds up. In the class I will teach how to carve a stamp, how to use it to create your own fabric, and then how to use that fabric in a project.  With that in mind - what would you want to learn in this class?  What type of stamp would you want to make?  What kind of project would you want to make? Here's a little preview of two fabrics you can make in the class: I've also been working on a slow project.  A little Boro  patchwork on my daughter's blue jeans using some of my sun printed fabrics: I find this very relaxing but quickly found out how weak my skin is as it is feeling very sore.  I ha