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Prayer Flags at the Utah Arts Festival

I had the privilege of teaching a group of ladies how to make Prayer Flags recently.  They signed up for the class with only a description of the class and not knowing what the flags would look like. I call that faith. They all made fantastic flags! The classroom was the Special Collections Room at the Salt Lake Public Library. I was surprised to find out how many of the students were from out of town!  One was from Florida, another divided her time between Florida and California, and two live in Ogden, an hour from Salt Lake.   Becky Dawn Cathy Jean Alison Mitzi Marie Bri Thank you ladies for making this a great class!

Up-cycled Stories: Books as Process

I participated in a workshop called  Up-cycled Stories: Books as Process .     The description of the class said: " Bring a personally challenging story to retell in a new light or a daily routine to reconsider and reframe. With a focus on finding joy and beauty in the everyday, participants stamp out insecurities, recontextualize shortcomings, and re-imagine the self in book form. In this active workshop, employ ink, brushes, stamps, mark-making tools, text, and re-collected common objects to produce process pages. Through a reimagining of the past, reinvent present perspective with an open heart, mind, and eyes toward gratitude and compassion. Instructors demonstrate a binding to be completed post-workshop from produced sheets. Come with a willingness to play with color, shape, narrative, and texture." I had a difficult time coming up with a story.  I just didn't know what I wanted to do.  The night before the class I was frustrated that I couldn't think of an