I travelled south about 100 miles yesterday to give a lecture about Prayer Flags to the Wales Quilt Guild.  Wales is a former mining town nestled at the foot of the Sanpitch mountains.  Before the guild meeting I met my friend, Sylvia, in the town of Fountain Green to get a bite of lunch.  The highway leading into Fountain Green was beautiful!
 Lots of color.
 Lovely, almost clear, skies.

We went to Shep's Grill for lunch.  
I love Shep's Grill.
I spent a lot of time there when I taught at Pie Plates Retreat.
They have free wifi AND great food.
The owner/chef is very careful in preparing food for me that is gluten free. 
She is a real sweetheart!

The quilt guild meetings are held at the Wales Town hall.
 The town hall, a brand new building, is located next door to the park 
and of course I forgot to get a photo of the town hall!

Sylvia, current leader of the Wales guild, said there would be about 10 or 12 people attending and therefore they shouldn't have any problem seeing the powerpoint presentation on my computer.  Imagine my surprise when about 25 people came!  AHHH!  I held my laptop up and rotated it hoping everyone could see the pictures.  They are a delightfully talented group.  Their show and tell was gorgeous!  I only have one photo from the show and tell because I took over taking photos for Sylvia with her camera while she helped hold up quilts.  Hopefully she will post a few on her blog.
This is Lorraine, holding the quilt, with Tammy and her little boy, along side the adorable quilt the guild made for Tammy's little guy.  He was just full of grins!  
So cute!  He was having a great time.
I had a great time too and was very happy
to have the opportunity to share my love of Prayer Flags!

I'm connecting my post to Off The Wall Friday this week.
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Sylvia said…
You really had some lovely colors through the canyon! They were not that great the last time I drove through there. Thanks again for your wonderful lecture!
Delightful tour....thank you!
Linda A. Miller said…
Thanks for the interesting tour of this lovely area. Great that you are spreading the word about prayer flags, which I also love to share and teach about.
What fun to spend a day traveling with you. The prayer flags left me smiling.
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lynda said…
Lisa, Great pictures! Sounds like so much fun to share your talent.
Muv said…
Lisa, On a clear day we can see Wales from our attic windows, so I clicked on the link as soon as I spotted your thumbnail picture. What a laugh! Looks as though you had a great time.
Love from England, Muv

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