How to Mono-Print on Fabric with Gel Printing Plates

I thought I'd do a little "How to" on making Mono-Prints onto fabric using the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate.  I've made some mono-prints using an acrylic sheet but I really like the ease and feel of using the gel printing plate much better.  The advantage of using the gel plate as opposed to a plate made from gelatin is that the plate is ready to use whenever you are ready.  The plate comes in a 6x6" size as well as an 8x10" and word has it they are coming out with a 12x14" plate!  I'm looking forward to the bigger size!
In the meanwhile here is how to make a Mono Print onto Fabric -
fabric paints (I used Jacquard Textile Paint)
a brayer
pfd fabric
Gelli Arts gel printing plate (I'm using an 8x10" plate)
stamps, stencils, toilet paper rolls and anything else you would like to use to make marks

Take the plate out of the package (remove the plastic from each side) and place it on a piece of paper to protect whatever surface you are working on.  The plate comes out so clean and clear.  
And here is what it looks like after a couple times of printing - little bit of paint residue that actually all came off when I cleaned it later with hand sanitizer (yup - you read that right!  Hand sanitizer!)
Next you will put a small bit of paint onto the plate.  About 1/2 a teaspoon.  You really don't need a whole lot.

 Use the brayer to spread the paint evenly across the plate
The paint will stay wet for a little bit giving you time to play.
On this printing I stamped the toilet paper rolls to make the large circles and a circle stencil to make the bubbly bits.  Just lay the stencil down and run the brayer over it briefly and then remove.
 Once you are done playing in the paint, lay the fabric over the top and rub.  
When you lift up the fabric magic happens!  
Look at that beautiful design now printed onto the fabric!
 And because I used fabric paint the hand of the fabric is still nice and soft!
 Here is more Magic with the red paint and
 toilet paper rolls, squares of foam core and sequin waste.
This piece is made from smudged sequin waste and sea shell stamps (in other words I laid the sequin waste down, rolled it with the brayer and then pulled slightly to smudge - I did it accidentally the first time but liked it so much I did it a few more times)
And here is what a simple mono-print looks like on one of my hand dyes: 

I like the bubbly look of the circles.
One you are done printing you can wash the plate in the sink with water or use hand sanitizer or a baby wipe.  All of them will wipe the paint right off.  Put the acetate sheets back onto the front and back of the plate and then place back in the container it comes in.  Store laying flat and it will be ready and waiting to play whenever you like!


I've never heard of this. I'd love to come play sometime. :D
Anonymous said…
cool printing! I have done mostly paper but I want to play with fabric some more.
I really like the sequin/shell piece.
Unknown said…
Have you ever used acrylic paint and added fabric medium to it instead of using fabric paint specifically?
Suella said…

Worth mentioning that the pfd fabric specified is prepared for dyeing. I believe this could be any fiber content but flat woven would be best to pick up the gelli details..

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