Christmas Baking

My sister and I did some baking before Christmas. We tried Chocolate Babka Rugelach for the first time. It takes some time, but most wonderful pastries do. We used this recipe from the NYTimes.

One of the things we learned was that the recipe makes a lot more chocolate than is needed. 
If you spread too much chocolate on the dough it just spills out and burns.

The results were so delicious. We didn't have salt to sprinkle on top but I imagine the mixture of sugar and salt on top would be fabulous. Next year.

Sister also made her fantastic Double Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You're all lucky I took any kind of photo!
They go fast!

Every year I make what we call Nut Cups. Other people call them Pecan Tassies.
In actuality I just called them delicious!

My daughter bought a bunch of Smiski's for me and I've been having fun doing photoshoots with them.

I think they like the nut cups as much as I do.


Unknown said…
Oh Lisa, those roll up things look great! Yummy! Love those little characters - I'm sure the nut cups were great too. Making me hungry. Sounds like a fun time. Happy New Year!!

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