No Promises

 I've given up on resolutions. Maybe "given up" isn't the correct wording. That makes it sound like I'm not doing anything at all. That I have given up on my life. Quite the contrary. I'm just doing my best at whatever I can do right now without any lists. Yeah, yeah, I've heard the "a goal that isn't written down is just a wish" and all the other stuff, but right now, the pressure doesn't work for me. I do hope to continue including my artistic progress in my blog. I hope you will enjoy following along. 

I'm going to physical therapy for my carpal tunnel syndrome, and have an appointment with a hand doctor to see about some shots, or maybe surgery. Whatever it takes. I really like my hands, whether they are clean or dirty. I really need my hands!

I'm doing a lot of hand stitching at night while my husband and I watch TV or movies. I can't post photos of the complete project yet because I want to enter it in a show, but I don't know what show yet so it's best to not show much of it yet.

In the meantime, here is a little silliness from filters in Snapchat. Maybe I should use one of them as my profile picture. What do you think?

Oh and here are some silly singing monsters I created 
from an online class with Alisa Burke.


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