Sketchbook Part 2

 The Copic markers bled through the peony page and created another lighter peony.

I spent months contemplating what to do with this lovely. 
I finally painted a little bit of background color, and drew some mandalas using Pitt Pens.

Another little rose and mandala completed the page.

Mandalas showed up on several pages in my sketchbook.

Looking at this page now, I think I should have put another mandala or two on it, but instead I filled the open space with lines.

I could paint over the lines and draw more, but who has time for that. Not to mention the lines are made with a grease pencil so they would still be there in the background.

I even got brave and tried out some writing.
"I don't think there's an Artist of any value who doesn't doubt what they're doing."
- Francis Ford Coppola
"Every Artist was first an amateur."


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