Absolutely Nothing

 May has felt like a slow month art wise. 

I feel like I've done absolutely nothing, but I guess I have done stuff.

Call it play, experimenting, practice, whatever.

Trying out new stencils in my sketchbook.

Playing with someone's TikTok tutorial. Wish I could remember who it was.

Coloring for hours while talking to customer service trying to figure out what happened to the website I manage for the Utah Surface Design Group. Turned out we were hacked. Malware. Sigh. I'm now spending hours rebuilding the site.

Had to start from scratch. Fortunately I found the pre-built theme I'd used before so it wasn't as much work as it could have been. And yes, I did have a backup, but that's a whole other story.

It's looking almost back to normal!
I just need to upload the gallery photos.

My evenings are being spent in front of the TV working on blocks for the Social Justice Sewing Academy. This is one of 12 blocks I have.

I bought myself a new toy!
I might have a little obsession with date stamps.

See how fun that date is?!?!
Anyone else love date stamps as much as I do?

Experimentation? Playing?
A little of both.

Testing this 80 lb. Sulphite Drawing Paper from Dick Blick with acrylic paint.
I painted both sides and it holds up beautifully. I'm very satisfied.

Back side of same sheet!

I was gifted three bags of book covers to play with.

I wove a few together to use as a book cover for a handmade journal.

Just need to Mistyfuse them to a backing paper and then put the journals together.

And yesterday, I pulled out my Suminagashi Marbling kit, and marbled a few papers for a book making class I hope to work on this week. These are the same Sulphite Drawing papers.

And these are Kraftex, which I will use for the book covers.
The ink is very light, and seems to be permanent.
I want to stitch on the Kraftex once they are cut to the right size.

So there you go. My month of nothingness.
It looks like a lot when I write about it, but it didn't feel like it.


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