Quilt National

My husband and I took a red-eye flight to Columbus, Ohio, and then drove the one hour to Athens, Ohio, to attend the opening of the Quilt National quilt show where my piece, Wild Flowers was being shown.

Made a stop at Tim Horton's, a Canadian chain for some delicious breakfast sandwiches and donut holes.

We went to the Kennedy Art Museum, on the Ohio University campus. This is the side of the building.

Photo of the front of the building from the cleveland.com website. The building was designed in the 1860s by Cleveland architect Levi Scofield, and was originally part of the Athen's Lunatic Asylum. It opened in 1996 as the Kennedy Museum of Art.Insane asylum to arts center

There were some lovely prints, paintings and exhibits. It didn't take long to tour, which was good for my knees. I was glad to be able to see this Elizabeth Catlett print. I admire her work. I've seen some of her her other prints in person, and was anxious to also see this one.

Friday evening, the Quilt National show opened, and was followed by awards, and then an artist (plus one) only dinner. It was all very wonderful. 

Lots of people at the opening.

The awards ceremony.

Terry Shinn, and Wen Redmond in front of Wen's beautiful piece.

Pieces by Eszter Bornemisza, and Susan Brubaker Knapp.

One of my favorite pieces. The dark circles are hand turned appliquéd.

I've been admiring Shin-hee Chin's work online and was so excited to see it in person and examine the details. 

The back of Shin-hee's piece. I love looking at the backs of quilts.

Beautiful piece by Jungeun Tark. She reached out to me on Instagram and said she wouldn't be able to attend so I took a photo to send to her. 

Gus took a few photos of me with my quilt. It was an exciting day. I didn't take enough photos.

Wild Flowers is a hand stitched, whole cloth quilt. The mandalas were hand drawn on paper, and then scanned in to Photoshop, where I combine them in to a repeating pattern, and sent it off to Spoonflower to print on cotton fabric. The entire piece is hand stitched with perle cotton thread of various thicknesses.

A couple of close ups.

But even more exciting was when someone from Quilt National messaged me that my quilt sold!!!! I never thought that would happen. I hope whoever bought it will love it.

Denise Harrison and her husband, my husband and I, Ellen Mahnken, and K Velis Turan at the artist dinner.


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