Fractured Pi

I'm entering my "Fractured Pi" quilt into the
  "Blogger's Quilt Festival" over at Amy's Creative Side.  
I've posted about this quilt recently so I apologize to those who have seen it before.
I really had a great time creating this quilt,
even though I had to pick out the quilting 3 times.   
I kept trying to quilt something that just didn't want to go with the piecing.
Sometimes, my idea and the quilt's idea are two very different things.
If I'm smart, I listen to the quilt.
Here is a close up of the center.
If you like my quilt, please head on over to Amy's Creative Side and vote for Fractured Pi.
Thank you!!!
Oh and if you don't like my quilt, there are lots of other beauties you can vote for. ;)


Jennifer said…
I love it! And I hear ya about the quilting. I was in the same situation today. I listened to the quilt and now it all working out right.
CitricSugar said…
What a great piece! The colours, the texture of the quilting, the sense of danger it has - like it could spin out of control at any moment...
Lynda said…
Love this! I'll go vote as soon as it opens.
Katy Cameron said…
Love the improvviness of this, it looks fab
Beverly said…
I saw Pi at HMQS, Lisa, and really liked it. Both your use of color and the design grabbed my attention. Nice work!
Poppyprint said…
This is so cool! Well done with persevering on the quilting design. I think in the end you made the right choice because it looks incredible.
Aoife said…
The unpicking was worth it - the quilting is fantatic. Lovely quilt!
that is fantastic quilting!
I love this! It inspired me to try improv wedges.

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