Work, Shop, Work, Repeat

I hope all of you are well in your part of the world. 
There was so much devastation in Oklahoma this week.  
I am amazed at the destruction wind and rain can create.
One of my friends was in OK on business and posted photos of his 40 co-workers watching the storm on a laptop as they waited out the storm in a men's restroom.  Thankfully he and his co-workers are just fine but I know that many are not.
My heart and prayers go out to each of them.
Please consider making a donation to the Red Cross 
or your favorite charity to help the people of Moore, OK.

Here in my world it is time for working before a long weekend.
Why do deadlines sneak up on me like they do?!?
One down, many more to go.
I finished working on a project to teach how to make free form blocks 
like the one in my Fractured Pi quilt. 
Glad that is done.
I will need to rewrite the pattern from my notes 
but the big work is done.

Sadly, another local quilt shop in my area is going out of business.
I thought I would never need to buy another yard of fabric after all my purchases when Whimsy Cottage went out of business last year, but I was wrong!  Oh how wrong I was.  It seemed that each project needed just one more fabric to pull it all together or I didn't have the right backing piece or. . . .always something and so I found myself at Cottonwood Fabrics but apparently not enough.
I did my best to help them out a bit with their close out sale.
I purchased quite a few fabrics to make produce bags for my Etsy shop.  
My shop has been a bit low in products so I hope to fill it up again soon!
I did manage to cut a few of the fabrics 
I purchased for produce and lingerie bags.
And lastly, here is my next deadline in the works:
I guess I should get off the computer and get to work before the family comes home and I decide to go play with them instead.  I do hope to do some work with the family around the house this weekend; planting in the garden and putting together the guest room.  I also hope to play and go see the new Star Trek movie.
What are you doing this weekend?

Stop over and see what everyone else is up to!


Lynda said…
Lisa, love that block! So sad to hear another quilt shop going out of biz. For my weekend I'm going to work on some more ice dyeing, cutting stencils and of course, gardening. Have a good one!
Regina B Dunn said…
I like the block, too. It's important to support our local quilt shops. They're the ones that got us going with their classes and they're the ones we go to for advice on how much fabric to buy for binding, borders, etc. They help us choose accent fabrics. We need them around. On-line stores and chain stores just can't provide that kind of service.
Sylvia said…
I was sad about another shop closing. Unfortunately, last week was the first time I had shopped there. But it is a bit far for me and I hadn't been up north much this last year. I did get a full bag of wonderful stuff!
janice pd said…
Many years ago I owned a quilt shop. I would not have survived at all if I hadn't taught classes. But it was a brutal schedule and few monetary rewards. But boy did I enjoy the wonderful women and children in the classes.

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